Interview with author Kacey Vanderkarr

Hello, Luvs! 
Today I present to you, an interview with Kacey Vanderkarr the author of Stepping Stones. She is really nice, and I’m happy that she agreed to do a little interview with me! 
By the time this gets up I’ll probably be finished with stepping stones, but right now I am only 85% done and I am loving it! 
Interview starts . . .NOW! 
~What gave you the idea to write stepping stones? 
Kacey- Stepping stones started out kind of as an “imaginary best friend” story. As the plot formed and became more tangible, it changed into something that’s a bit different. Awhile back, I read a story kind of similar, where a girl has a best friend only she can see, and as she grew she needed him less and less. I liked the idea of knowing how to comfort someone when they’re at their worst. The idea itself came form many places, mostly other books I have read, and I worked with it until it became something unique.

~When did you first begin writing Stepping Stones? 
Kacey- I wrote the first draft in four weeks while on break from college (in 2009!). And though I believed in the characters all along, it took six years of revising for me to be happy with the writing. I’ve been through five or six complete drafts and the story has evolved along the way. 

~When did you first consider yourself a writer?
Kacey- It took a while. Not when I finished my first draft, probably not when I sold my first book, either. I think it was when I wrote this emotionally draining scene for stepping stones. I wrote a whole blog post about is on ALL the Way YA. it’s great to write, to have this outlet to explore and build worlds, but when you get to use it as catharsis, I think it’s so much more rewarding. Stepping Stones was that book for me. 

~If you could choose, which author would you consider a good mentor? 
Kacey- Just one? that’s co cruel! (and impossible!) I read a lot of YA and what I love about this genre is that there’s so much! if you’re looking for particular things to learn, here are a few ideas. if you want great dialogue, Rainbow Rowell. Sharp, intense writing? Tahereh Mafi. Relationships? Cassandra Clare. Smart, witty characters? John Green. Description? A.G.Howard. Real, gritty emotion? Adam Silvera. 
If you want to see a role model of how to interact with fans? Cassandra Clare. 

~What’s your Writing Process? 
Kacey- Right now I’m pushing myself to write 1,000 words a day. I’d like that number to be more, but when it’s only a few pages at a time, it tends to come out cleaner the first time around, (As opposed to writing half a dozen drafts before it makes sense). Once I have a draft I let it simmer for a while before diving into revising it. I always revise on paper, with a red pen. 

~What is your favorite book and why? 
Kacey- Again with the picking JUST ONE. 

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Because friendship

~Do you have a specific spot you like to write? Or do you just write anywhere you can? 
Kacey- I write anywhere I can, but I do my best if I listen to music. I like to have a great atmosphere for my writing so ever manuscript has a playlist. You can listen to the Stepping Stones playlist, here

~Do you remember the first story you wrote? if so what was it? (if you don’t mind me asking). 
Kacey- The first story I wrote was for a creative writing class in school. It was about a girl with cancer in the hospital. She hoarded her sleeping pills and took them all at once. Wasn’t exactly a bright and sunny story, but I liked it. 

~Do you have anything new you are currently writing? 
Kacey- Yes!
oh…you want me to tell you about it? 
Currently I’m working on Torch Rock, which is the third and last book in my Reflections Pond series. You can read the first book, Reflection pond, on AMAZON (it’ll be FREE Oct. 9-11). I’m also deep in a New Adult piece that I’ve dubbed my “Rock Star Story.” It’s a little outside of my comfort zone and that’s what makes it so great. 

~How long did it take to write stepping stones? 
Kacey- Years. Truly. Six of them.

~Do you have anything specific you’d like to tell your fans? 
Kacey- PLEASE leave reviews! I love that my book is in your hands, but our transaction isn’t complete unless I get some kind of feedback from you, the read. Also, send me emails. I love emails. 

Kacey’s info:
Well! I hope you liked this Q&A with Kacey Vanderkarr the author of Stepping Stones. It was really fun talking to her, and stepping stones is REAAALLLY good so far. I’m almost finished and once I finish there will be a review up soon after! 
Enjoy your day, and hopefully you’ll pick up Stepping Stones! 
If you want to know more about this novel visit, goodreads. 

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