January TBR

Crazy how fast time flies! 
Well, honestly I’ve been behind on my reading schedule! I have been REALLY bust with the planning of my NEW YEAR, NEW BOOKS, AUTHOR INTERVIEWS! 
But, I am still making my posts even if they are a day or two late! 
*Slams computer on floor for freezing up*

My laptop is so dumb! 

Back to the TBR, because my tantrum is over. 
I still have a review to make for A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC, but that is all that I have to do from December. And For January I have about a million posts to make, *has coffee cups ready*
I swear, I’m having loads of coffee this month, I’d say tea but I’m in a coffee mood right now . . . maybe I’ll go make some right now . . . ? 

*makes coffee* yup, so gooood!

TBR books include:



My Kind of Crazy

Those are my  To be read for this month! 
I am super excited to read ‘my kind of crazy’ I got a message from netgalley and I got the digital arc so I’m happy about that! and I’ve seen this book multiple times and loved the cover, so hopefully *crosses fingers* I love the novel as much as the cover! 
And you see it right, Fire Falling? the book that I FINALLY GOT!!!!!!!! 
I am so excited to read it because well, ALDRIK! AHHHHh

*scolds self*, save the fangirling for the review darn you! 

I’ve been really wanting to read every book on this list, and it’s amazing to say that I have spoken with every author besides Robin Ruel. 
Robin, I’m coming to stalk you! be ready! 😛 I won’t do that, that’s creepy. 
But we all know I’m weird so I will stalk Robin Ruel’s twitter . . . DUH! it’s the only sensible thing to do! and then comment on all Robin’s tweets! 
(Hopefully they have twitter . .  . gotta check that)
If I re-read this post in a month or so, I would be scared of myself . . . Someone needs to contain the monster inside me! 

“YOU CAN’T”!!!!!


Well, yeah . . . just ignore that whole entire last bit. I am wired up on coffee and Pizza rolls. 
so, the only monster inside me is the one that I call Alexis. The one that Fangirls over everything. 
But, she’s pretty cool if you ask me. 
We talk every night for hours! 

I’m so weird :/ 

Enjoy the TBR, comment below your TBR list for January!

Happy Reading, Luvs! 
No Alexis’ were hurt in the making of this post

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