Review: Blackheath by Gabriella Lepore

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Author: Gabriella Lepore
Pub date: December 21st, 2015
Publisher: Oftomes
Genre: Paranormal, YA

Seventeen-year-old Maggie Ellmes is dogged by a case of chronic bad lick. She figures that’s just her lot in life–that is, until the psychic at Blackheath’s annual carnival reveals that Maggie’s problems are caused by more than just ordinary misfortune; she’s actually been cursed.
Desperate to shake a hex, Maggie has no choice but to seek out the help of Joel Tomlins, a rebellious classmate who’s descended from Blackheath’s most powerful line of witches. After breaking all of his coven’s conventions to help her, Joel discovers that the curse isn’t as bad as Maggie fears. In fac, it’s much, much worse.

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Well, first off! I enjoy this novel a lot! I loved Joel and Maggie and even Maggie’s Best friend. And also the little bundle of cuteness, AKA Joel’s brother, Pippin. But, I’ll get into characters in a moment! right now I just want to point out the MAJOR things I loved about this novel. It was a very unusual good read. 
What I mean by unusual is, the way they were said to be witches. Mostly in books set in today’s time, the ‘witch’ or ‘witches’ are like everyone else. No one knows. That’s what happened here but it was more or less people KNOWING they are witches just not going to go up to them and be like “your a witch! we must burn you on a stake!” I would have probably cried if they did that. 
Am I making sense? 
I really hope so. 
anyways, the people say they are witches but aren’t really positive. But most books, the witch is an everyday human. Who isn’t like the aunt and may have cooked that rat? am I correct on that? she cooked the rat? 

I have actually read two books after Blackheath so my mind is a little jumbled, so if I forget a name or two. Don’t hate me. 
The best best best part that I simply adored had to probably be the part at the carnival when Joel goes to drive Maggie to his house . . . and he ‘borrows’ a car. It isn’t the fact that he took the car, but what was said! 

~spoiler ahead~ 
“If we get pulled over, I’m telling the police you kidnapped me.” 
“Maybe I’ll tell them you  kidnapped me,” Joel retorted as he familiarized himself with the dashboard. 

Isn’t that so cute?!?!?! Just picture them getting pulled over, Joel up front and the police at the window. He rolls it down, points to Maggie and says “she kidnapped me” all innocently. If I was that cop I’d let them go because of how adorable that was.
you know it’s cute. 

~spoiler end~

now onto the wonderful characters. 

Well, obviously I’m going to start with none-other than Joel himself. I loved his character, he was the not caring type of person. But he did care. He is the second oldest, he has four brothers. I know two. Pippin, Even and the other one, plus Joel himself. And in the summer when he was younger he would hang out with Maggie, and when school started they acted like they didn’t know each other. Then every summer they’d spend together. 
What made me love Joel more was his relationship with his little brother, Pippin. I loved how he mainly cared for Pippin and he put Pippin in a pot. So cute. also, how Pippin is still very tiny and when your just learning to speak, YOU SAY EVERYTHING. and Pippin did and he scared Joel a little. At least to me, he did. Pippin repeated words which I forgot what he said exactly. But it was a little freaky. 
After Joel and Pippen, I’m going to start with Maggie. 
I have read one other novel by Gabriella and that was Secrets in Phoenix, which I loved (plan to read all of her other novels too) but I love the way she portrays the females. I don’t know how to explain it, but Maggie is just a wonderful character. I love the females she writes and I love the males also– JOEL!–but Maggie was such a relateable characters in some ways. Not being cursed, duh, I actually wish I was cursed . . . the only one who wishes that. I wish for anything that scientifically can’t happen. Like being taken by aliens or cursed, or be able to fly, or actually meet Joel in person. 
And now I’ll go cry. 

Isla, Isla is Maggie’s best friend. Who happens to be the one who — oh yeah, I don’t want TOO MANY spoilers!! so I will not speak. Isla was a very quirky character. I really enjoy reading about the quirky best friends, they always make it more interesting! you can’t say they don’t because sometimes they get the best roles/lines.

Evan . . . I actually don’t know which brother this is. Is it the second youngest or oldest brother? 
He’s the oldest. I liked him. He seemed like that older brother who thinks he can do anything but also puts himself down a lot. 
It would be hard when everyone calls him “THE CHOSEN ONE” and when Joel is always picking on Evan for it.
and the ending! woosh, that was like, someone just do it already! 
but then it’s like, no! take me instead! I love them both! Joel a little more! 😉 

I figured it out! the second youngest brother’s name. did I just re read a few pages … no. Pffft. 
His name is Ainsley, and I actually don’t have much to say about him except! that he was the most trusted. Not with their father or the brothers, but to their Alleged Aunts. They trusted Ainsley with probably the biggest thing the family could tell. 
I won’t tell you guys, because some of you may not have read this. But, Ainsley wasn’t that BIG of a character until the last 15-20 pages? 
even then he wasn’t BIG, not as big as the CHOSEN ONE’s. 😉 

Since I’m not sure what to EVER put here I’m just putting what I think fits best. And that is, Blackheath doesn’t seem like a very INTERESTING place to live if you aren’t with Joel or Maggie. or any of the other Tomlins. But I choose Joel over any. 
My favorite place, would have to be Joel’s room because it has a balcony. And because a few of my favorite scenes were in there, like when Joel got thrown . . . oh yeah. No spoilers. Well, as few as I can manage. Not sure if anything I wrote above is considered SPOILER . . . there was a warning.

I hope that you all love(d) this novel as much or more than I did. But I’m not so sure that is possible ❤ 
Go get it for your kindle or whatever you read it on or even better go order it off of Amazon! 
It is an AMAZING read and I highly recommend this novel! 

Overall, I loved it, I can’t wait for the next one and if Gabriella Lepore see this, thank you for writing such an amazing novel. You’ve officially gained a huge fan but you did that with the first book I read of yours ❤ 


About the Author:

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Gabriella Lepore lives on the coast of Wales in the United Kingdom. She began writing at an early age and grew up with a passion for all things supernatural—especially witches! She currently has six Young Adult books in print: Evanescent, The Blackheath Witches, How I Found You, Secrets In Phoenix, and The Witches of the Glass Castle books 1 & 2.


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