Review: My Kind Of Crazy by Robin Ruel


My Kind of Crazy
Rating Score: 9.5/10


Author: Robin Ruel
Pub date: April 5th, 2016
Genre: YA, Contemporary

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Summary- Despite the best of intentions, seventeen-year old, wisecracking Hank Kirby can’t quite seem to catch a break. It’s not that he means to screw things up all the time, it just happens. A lot. Case in point: his attempt to ask out the girl he likes literally goes up in flames when he spells “Prom” in sparklers on her lawn…and nearly burns down her house. 

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Peyton Breedlove, a brooding loner and budding pyromaniac, witnesses the whole thing. Much to Hank’s dismay, Peyton takes an interest in him—and his “work.” The two are thrust into an unusual friendship, but their boundaries are tested when Hank learns that Peyton is hiding some dark secrets, secrets that may change everything he thought he knew about Peyton.
I got the digital ARC from Netgalley and I was so excited to read this novel! I was hearing a lot of talk about it on twitter and when I got the email saying I got the digital arc I was flipping out. 
In the beginning it literally jumps into the action, and let me just say . . . Hank wanted to make it a big thing to ask his crush to prom. His intentions were so innocent and good, that you were just rooting for him to get his girl in the end! even when things went, 
And I’d say for 48% of the book I was really wanting Hank to get his crush . . . but then things happened and I realized she was just a crush. That’s all. She didn’t even think of Hank as anything because she doesn’t even know him. 
Characters:  Obviously I’m gonna talk about the MAIN girl in this novel. She isn’t the main character but this luvely gal needs some mention. 
Peyton is an aspiring Pyromaniac, and if you don’t know what that means it basically means she likes starting things on fire. But who DOES’NT? I want to start something on fire as we speak! 
Have you ever used a maginifying glass to start leaves on fire in the summer? it’s so fun. 
Sorry off track. 
Anyways, I didn’t really like Peyton at first because she was . . . well, weird. But after a while I started to love Peyton she became a really amazing character. Well as amazing as someone like that can get. Considering her background and everything that happened. I liked how supportive Peyton was for Hank. 
Before I get off track again, let’s go to Hank. I don’t have A LOT to say about him without going into details. But, Hank was a well-written character and I loved how real he was. I mean, if you started someone’s lawn on fire with sparklers what would you do? 
Just saying, there’s no way I’d stay. Sorry hot-crush but I’m not sticking around for the after mess. Even if by me leaving it means burning your house down.
With you in it.
Sacrifice. If I can’t have you . . . no one can. 
There are more characters but I may have decided to wait to write this review . . . so I forget a few names. *Face palm* 
I know them though, they are right there. Right at the tip of my tongue. 
I didn’t like Hank’s friend. He was Okay I guess, but he just didn’t seem that good of a friend to me. 
and Hank’s dad! he was 50/50. Good at times, bad at others.


Setting:  My favorite place in this novel had to be . . . Peyton’s bedroom. Her style was crazy but also really cool. There are only about 5 or 6 main places that are really mentioned or at a lot and they are
♥Peyton’s Room
♥Hank’s house 
♥School/parking lot
♥Hank’s job
♥Street by Peyton’s house 
♥Hank’s friend’s house
♥Strip Club 
Now, a lot happened in this novel and at one point I was on the verge of crying because things happened. And then I was “AWWWWWWW”-ing, so this novel gives you feels. And I personally love this novel because it’s not two stereotypical teenagers that get what they want and live happily ever after. Mistakes happen, people get hurt, They aren’t perfect, and they find themselves from their mistakes. 
I didn’t really have many things I DIDN’T like about this novel, besides maybe one small thing but it’s just Hank’s friend. I don’t know why I don’t like his friend . . . but he just got me mad. 
But other than that this book was exciting and new! I hope in April you all enjoy it as much as I did! SO excited to read more from Robin Ruel!
Thank you Robin Ruel for writing such an amazing, contemp novel! 
It was a quick-er read, and it was very enjoyable. I can’t wait to hear all your thoughts! 

 About the Author: 
info taken from author’s site,
Reul-1929x-crop10 things you probably don’t know about Robin 1)    When I was five, my father worked on a film called Silver Streak and I befriended the lead actor, Gene Wilder. Gene used to babysit me now and again, and we kept up a correspondence for years. I still have a trunk full of letters from him in my garage.2)    When I was a teenager, I was offered a lead role in a major motion picture, but turned it down because I didn’t want to leave my high school boyfriend. Of course, we broke up before production ever started. The movie did quite well at the box office and went on to launch the careers of almost every young actor in it.3)    When I was thirteen, I was in New York on location with my Dad and I called up an Executive Editor at Putnam who had recently considered a manuscript of mine on the phone. At night. On a weekend. She was lovely, and invited me to meet with her a few days later at her office, where she graciously gave me a half hour of her time, amazing advice, and an open door to submit to her in the future.4)    I hated pizza until I was eleven years old. What was I thinking.
for the rest, click here to go to her website!

                    HAPPY READING, LUVs


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