Hello Luvs!

Tomorrow (July 1st) is the start of my event called


If you remember my even in January when I interviewed all those authors, well I’m doing it again!! but, it’s a lot more authors this time! Plus, there will be a great giveaway at the end . . . . it’s great to me at least πŸ™‚

I will be putting up a little calendar on twitter for which authors are going to be interviewed and when, so be looking for that in the next couple days!

Β Tomorrow the first person will be interviewed and I’ll give you a small hint, it isn’t an author but . . . a character . . . yeah.

So, everyone who voted Anita Grace Howard, she isn’t until later in the month! (spoilers).

I am so excited to be doing this even again, but also ready to sleep because all the posts I’m going to be making!!

There also will be a twitter chat at the end of the month that will be hosted by Sabrina (Beyond The Book Reviews) and myself.

and before or after the chat there is a giveaway that will be hosted by Jade (Metamorphicbooks) and I! I am extremely happy with how everything is going so far, I hope I don’t somehow get behind on posts XD

Anyways! Prepare for my interviews with a bunch of AMAZING authors.




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