Hello Luvs!

Tomorrow (July 1st) is the start of my event called


If you remember my even in January when I interviewed all those authors, well I’m doing it again!! but, it’s a lot more authors this time! Plus, there will be a great giveaway at the end . . . . it’s great to me at least 🙂

I will be putting up a little calendar on twitter for which authors are going to be interviewed and when, so be looking for that in the next couple days!

 Tomorrow the first person will be interviewed and I’ll give you a small hint, it isn’t an author but . . . a character . . . yeah.

So, everyone who voted Anita Grace Howard, she isn’t until later in the month! (spoilers).

I am so excited to be doing this even again, but also ready to sleep because all the posts I’m going to be making!!

There also will be a twitter chat at the end of the month that will be hosted by Sabrina (Beyond The Book Reviews) and myself.

and before or after the chat there is a giveaway that will be hosted by Jade (Metamorphicbooks) and I! I am extremely happy with how everything is going so far, I hope I don’t somehow get behind on posts XD

Anyways! Prepare for my interviews with a bunch of AMAZING authors.




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