Do you want to be featured on my blog- (1)


Hello, Luvs!

I have this new feature as you can tell, and instead of Guest Post’s where you make a themed post for someone else’s blog–I am doing a guest review for my blog!

I’ll be honest, I’m not 100% sure how all this will go or if it’ll go as planned! but I’m giving it a shot and hoping for the best 😀

What will WE need to do? 

great question, voice in my head. All you have to do is create a review, that follow a certain set of guidelines (or if you add in your email it’s basically copied and pasted from your blog, I’d be completely okay with that! just make sure to tell me). Then E-Mail  me the HTML for this post so that I can get everything included gifs, photos, certain fonts & links.

What are the guidelines? 

 you most likely know how to make a review! So, all that I ask is that you include the cover, synopsis, of course the rating score you chose for the novel and any links to the novel 🙂

You can do any genre and also New adult novels along with YA (Obviously). That’s really everything you need to know!

I hope you like this new thing I’m doing, and hope you send your reviews to be featured on my blog ❤

How do I sign up? 

it’s actually really simple, below is the sign up! fill that out, and once I go over it I’ll email you asap and then you’ll be able to send me your HTML for your review!

I hope you all have fun!





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