Welcome Luvs

the first day of SUMMER LUVIN’ how exciting?

as you can see from the photo, I am interviewing none other than Broody himself!


Hello, this is Broody McHottiepants, and I’ve taken time out of my incredibly busy life of tweeting over at @broodingYAhero to answer some questions by the awesome, most-def-a-main-character-Alexis.
Also, I should probably note that I’m too sexy to read, or write, and the decent, but-def-a-supporting-character Carrie Ann has typed up my answers.

Question 1- favorite summer activity
Oh, you know. Meeting a new girl in town and changing her life with my awesomeness. Or saving the world before the school year starts up.
Or just sitting on the beach, tanning my sculpted body and waiting for plot to happen.

Question 2- a lovely moment you had with a fan or friend?
Every moment spent with me is lovely. Especially that one time, that one person, whatever-their-name-was, looked into my sapphire, sparkling, star-filled eyes, and we understood each other’s very soul.
Hey, whatever-your-name, I haven’t forgotten you. I promise.

Question 3- your favorite line you’ve ever written?
“”And, I pray thee now, tell me, for which of my bad parts did thou first fall in love with me?””
Okay. So maybe some guy named, like, Billy Shakespeare wrote that line. But it’s a really good one. And you should totally tell me all your favorite bad parts of me.

Question 4- when do you get most writing done?
I really don’t have time to do a lot of writing. Being the most popular guy in school/a brooding supernatural creature/a brave leader of a rebellion takes up SO much time, you know?
But I sometimes write poetry in a notebook. You know, when I get a chance to think about my tormented, broken heart, and how no one will ever love me.

Question 5- Are you currently working on anything?
My abs.

Question 6- writing by a pool or under a tree?
Under a tree. In the shade. It’s dark, like my dark, dark heart.

Question 7- in 5 words describe your novel!
Sorry, but I don’t play by the rules.
Question 8- would you change anything in your first novel, if given the chance?
No. It’s perfect. Just like me.

Question 9- something others probably don’t know about you?
That I feel alone sometimes. I’m really just looking for love, you know?
*Provided that love also comes with a multi-book series and a movie deal.

Question 10- anything you’d say to your fans? Or anyone who has acquired you novel recently?
Yes. I’d like to say, “I’m doing this for your own good.”
And then I’ll ignore them for at least fifteen chapters.

BONUS- what character of yours do you relate to the most?
Uh. Is this a trick question? I relate to me. ‘Cause I’m the best.


Okay, I love these answers XD

This is the official launch interview and I hope you all enjoyed the first interview! ❤

be sure to come back for the rest of the interviews to come! and thank you broody and Carrie for being guest’s here on my blog! ❤







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