Hello Luvs!

As you can tell today I’m interviewing John McDonell! The author of Orphans Of Tarnalin and the artist is Merilliza Chan! Yes the artist to Air Awakens.

I am so excited for this review and the ones to come! So, let’s jump into the interview with the wonderful author John McDonell!


Question 1-  favorite summer activity?

my favorite summer activity is having a campfire on the beach while playing guitar with friends and family.

Question 2- A lovely moment you had with a fan or a friend?

 Well, I am so new that all of my fans happen to be friends lol. So far everyone has been so supportive that it is humbling.

Question 3-  Your Favorite line you’ve ever written?

“End of Book One” I also really liked “Be not too quick to throw yourself away to satisfy the past. I may be able to offer you a sweeter vengeance, one where you walk away at the end.”

Question 4-  When do you get most writing done?

I really like writing in the morning. Five to seven am is best usually because there are no distractions. However, any time before noon works too, as long as I have a quiet place to write.

Question 5-  Are you currently working on anything?

I am pleased to say I am working on the second book in the Bloodline Magic series. I have the main plot points done and the scenes outlined. The first draft is well under way.

Question 6-  Writing by a pool or under a tree?

Under a tree, no question. Does it have an outlet to plug my laptop into, or do I have to use pen and paper 😉

Question 7- In 5 words describe your novel.

Hope gained, lost and won.

Question 8-  Would you change anything in your first novel, if given the chance?

I finally have the novel how I like it so I wouldn’t change anything at this point. I would however change the process of how I wrote it. I would ask for proofreaders and beta readers much earlier than I did, simply because you need those extra eyes on it to give feedback about the storyline and to catch mistakes. It all worked out, but I probably would have published much sooner if I had taken care of that earlier.

Question 9- Something others probably don’t know about you?

Hmmm….I like to explore dirt roads and drive for hours on them. I love to paint and draw, play guitar, mandolin, harmonica. What else? I love traditional archery.

Question 10- Anything you’d say to your fans? Or anyone who has acquired your novel recently?
Firstly, I would say thank you. It is quite an honor for someone to buy and read something I wrote. I sincerely hope they found it entertaining, because that is what it is all about. Storytelling fulfills a need to entertain others for me. I would absolutely love to hear any and all feedback from anyone. On amazon, I can see that people are buying the book or reading it on kindle unlimited, but I can’t tell if they like it unless they review or rate it. It causes severe nail-biting lol.

BONUS What characters do you relate to the most?
I think there is a little of me in all of the characters, well maybe not Mordray or Pilantes (I hope).
I try to relate to all of my character when I write; try to get in to their head and figure out what they would do. I suppose if I had to pick one it would likely be Khale, although I doubt if my teaching skills are up to par with his.


Thank you so much for the interview Alexis. It was fun!


I love your answers, John! thank you for being here on my blog!

I hope you all enjoyed this interview, comment your favorite answer!

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