Hello luv’s

today I am interviewing a luv’ly author who wrote “The Fourth World”


Let’s get to know her more!

About Lyssa 


Lyssa Chiavari is an author of speculative fiction for young adults, including Fourth World, the first book in a YA sci-fi trilogy set on Mars. Her short fiction has appeared in Ama-Gi magazine, the Wings of Renewal anthology, and Perchance to Dream, a young adult collection of Shakespeare retellings which she also edited. Her first published story, “The Choice,” was named one of Students for Liberty’s Best Fiction of 2014. When she’s not writing—which isn’t often—you can usually find her coding websites or losing an unreasonable number of life balloons on Donkey Kong. Lyssa lives with her family and way too many animals in the woods of Northwest Oregon.

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Question 1- favorite summer activity

There is a local amusement park here in Oregon called Enchanted Forest, and it’s basically my favorite place on the planet. It’s a fairy tale-themed park in the middle of an actual forest, and you can find Snow White’s cottage, the dwarfs’ mine, or Sleeping Beauty’s castle nestled in amongst all these beautiful fir and oak trees! There are great rides (my favorite is the Challenge of Mondor), but I also just like to go there just to enjoy how pretty everything is and relax. It’s only open during the summer, so I always have to go multiple times!

Question 2- a lovely moment you had with a fan or friend?

I received a very special fan letter not long after the publication of Fourth World from a teen reader who said my book saved his life. That was the most precious thing I’ve ever received, and I remember it every time I feel frustrated or like quitting. There’s nothing more wonderful than knowing your words had an impact on someone.

Question 3- your favorite line you’ve ever written?

“Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in a fairytale…until the day she killed her mother.” This is actually two lines, the beginning and the end of the first paragraph of my story “Seven Years Among Dragons” in the anthology Wings of Renewal. I love it because it totally subverts your expectations about what a fairytale is (at least in modern times, where fairytales tend to be much happier than in the olden days). After the book was published, I caught my dad reading it. He was smiling and nodding through the whole first paragraph as I described how perfect the princess’ life was… then he got to the last sentence and his eyes bugged out and he said, “Holy crap!” I laughed maniacally because I knew I had done my job.

Question 4- when do you get most writing done?

I tend to do my best thinking and be the most creative really late at night. I’ve always been a bit of a night owl!

Question 5- Are you currently working on anything?

I’m in the middle of two projects. The first is the sequel to my first novel, Fourth World, which is a YA sci-fi adventure set on Mars in the near future. I’m also working on a NA sci-fi romance, but that’s supposed to be on the back burner until I can get the rest of the Fourth World trilogy done. It makes for a nice break when I need to recharge my batteries!

Question 6- writing by a pool or under a tree?

Under a tree—in Enchanted Forest!

Question 7- in 5 words describe your novel!

Time travel, conspiracy, archaeology, Mars!

Question 8- would you change anything in your first novel, if given the chance?

I think there’s always room for improvement when it comes to writing. I know (or, at least, I hope) that I’ll continue to improve the more I write and publish, so I’m trying to avoid the need to nitpick what’s done and focus on what’s yet to come!

Question 9- something others probably don’t know about you?

I’m six feet tall. This may not be a surprise to people, though, because I mention it a lot. But I’m sure there’s still someone that doesn’t know, haha.

Question 10- anything you’d say to your fans? Or anyone who has acquired you novel recently?

I hope you like Henry, because you’re getting a lot more of him soon 😀

BONUS- what character of yours do you relate to the most?

Henry, for sure. Though I made the mistake of saying last year that writing Henry came easily to me, and since then he’s been a lot more obstinate. I should have known better than to cross a contrary personality like his! 



OMG! I’m 5’4″ . . . if we meet . . . I’m wearing really tall heals *grabs ten inch heels*

anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this interview with the amazing Lyssa Chiavari! I had so much fun putting this interview together!

Thank you bloggers or book-nerds for stopping by and thank you Lyssa for taking time out of your day to do this interview! ❤



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