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Author: Elise Kova

Genre: Fantasy YA




Long live Solaris.

One bloodthirsty ruler has been overthrown by another, casting the shadow of death over the Solaris Empire. Vhalla Yarl stands upon the stage of fate, prepared to do battle one final time. Fragile alliances will be tested and new bonds will be formed as the world is reshaped. She fights as the champion of peace, but when the night is darkest will she be …more




if you continue reading, and see a spoiler. I am not to blame, I warned you, Luv

also, it’s gonna be a long one.





so, I’m probably going to cry throughout this review because . . . well it’s the last in the series and it has been such a wonderful journey.

I feel like I’m going to have a lot to say, but not sure how this review is going to go.

so, let’s start off with our gal

Vhalla Yarl- 

she has been a perfect character. She is perfect, but also very flawed. She makes mistakes, she is just a wonderful, smart, beautiful character that has developed so so much between book 1-book 5. In book 1 alone she developed so much. And it’s hard to believe that my Vhalla now was a nobody library apprentice and now!

oh, now she’s an empress. with babies on the way, omg. My vhalla has grown so much. Why am I so sad?

I’m happy, but I never want this story to ever end. it needs to become a TV series!!!!

Like Game Of Thrones



Anyways, Vhalla has grown so so much between the novels. So much was shown to us readers, and for this being the final novel is does break our heart. I don’t know if I want to scream at Elise and tell her to write a sixth novel XD or just wait (im)patiently as The Alchemist’s of Loom comes out!

don’t let me forget to mention her magic! lol

In the beginning of book 5 Vhalla had lost her magic. And as she did get it back, I really felt lost without the magic. I’m not even Vhalla. But I felt like she was empty and was more vulnerable (duh). So, when she did get her magic back in the crossroads, I was extremely pleased. And slightly giddy the rest of the day

“Vhalla got her magic back, guys!”


Aldrik Solaris- 

Oh, god. Where do I start?

In book one when we first met him, I at least thought he was a jerk. And then . . . halfway through he slowly was accepted into my heart and now, I love Aldrik so. Very. Much. HE IS AMAZING!

now, in the final *sobs* novel, he has changed from the stone-hearted fire lord (that we still loved) to the Emperor, the king. A loving, loyal, kind-hearted person. He still has his past and his families death . . . but he has changed the most, I think.

Aldrik wasn’t perfect throughout the series but no-one and I mean no-one was perfect. Everyone had their issues, everyone had something that had happened to them. But they became stronger because of that.


I don’t even want to mention his name. But like I said in my LAST review, like I said people, DO. NOT. TRUST. VICTOR!

I mean, he just never seemed trustworthy. Ugh, why! why must there have been a victor?

and that flashback to when he was a kid. He was a snob then too . . . That butthole.

Elecia (Cia’) – 

I loved her so much. She was a very wonderful character. She was another very strong female character, I loved her attitude and everything about her. She reminded me are Larel, and I loved Larel very very much. I miss her . . . *cries again*


my boy!

Fritz and Grahm! (Did I spell that wrong . . . ?). Anyways, Fritz is a waterrunner. A wonderful friends, and I just wanted to steal him!

I don’t know what  I would’ve done if he died! he’s like Vhalla’s little brother! or older . . . ? let’s just say like Vhalls brother . . . yeah.

I think if any of the main-ish characters died I would have died also . . . *remembers baldair . . . weeps in corner with picture of him*

Fritz, my boy, take care of my Vhalla and Aldrik. And you Cia! and Jax! I didn’t gorget you!


for one, he’s got long hair . . . and he has fire powers. you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin?

Warren peace

but other than me thinking he looks like Warren Peace . . . Jax was probably one of my many favorites . . . I want to say above Fritz . . . but they might just be even.

I loved how we got to know more about Jax in this novel, about his dark past and why he is owned by the crown. So, that was sad . .. and kinda cool. Mostly sad though.

I still think Elecia and Jax should’ve gotten together. *pushes them together* I ship it.


am I missing anyone? I know I am.

Sehra, Za, Vhalla’s papa, Daniel, Fritz’ family + whoever else I missed *smiles innocently*

In my review for WW I had said some things about Sehra . . . I’m sorry! I like you a bit now! but I still would sacrifice you for Baldair, even if that means you can’t save Vhalla . . . wait. No, I’ll sacrifice victor. Because I like you Sehra, a little. Just a teeny bit.

What was my favorite place in this final last book of Air Awakens?

Most definitely the crossroads again, I don’t know why I just really enjoyed being in the crossroads . . . reading, while they are in the crossroads. I also liked the wedding, wherever that was at. I totally forgot *face palm*

And that very important scene when she traded something for something. Wow, I’m gonna cry again. That was an intense scene, but also relieving because . . . you know. Da babies.

All in all, this novel was amazing! Yes, it is completely, horribly sad that this is the last review I will ever write about Vhalla, Aldrik and all the other amazing characters in this series. But, you know, there’s always re-reading. and crying because Baldair !

SO, thank you Elise for the wonderful expierance to go on a journey with these beautifully created characters.

I can’t wait for AOL because, just one more novel that I can get sucked into and love the characters.

Bye, my old friends *intense crying noises*




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