I kind of feel like I did this kind of post before … If so I might be just repeating myself or I might have some better ideas now. IF I didn’t then Enjoy this post! And make sure to comment ways that helped you!
I know I’ve had horrible reading slumps, I’m actually in one now! That is why I have decided to do a post on how to get out of it!

The past month I have read 1 novel. Over the summer I read all together about 4-5 and I have no idea why I can’t get out of this stupid slump!

If you’ve never been in a reading slump and have no idea what it is, let me explain; it is simply a period of time where you just don’t want to read and can’t physically/mentally motivate yourself to do so.

If you’ve never had one, it’s coming for you.
Now to the ways to get OUT of a slump!


1) pick up a short novel that is between 50-100 pages long. Most YA novels are between 200-400+ so I recommend going to your libraries middle-grade section where the pages are shorter and a lot quicker to read!

Image result for short book gif

2) go to your library or your shelf and pick up your FAVORITE novel of all time. Yes, it’s hard to choose your favorite. But it can be in the top 5 *winks* if it’s your favorite novel then there’s no doubt you can’t re-enjoy it. And hopefully that’ll Get you out of that slump your in!

Image result for short book gif

3) grab your favorite earphones whether they be over the head or iPhones earphones. Put them in, turn on an audiobook and listen to it every single free moment you have. Don’t get stuck doing something different like collecting grass … What? …

Audiobooks are expensive, if your library is like mine then there is a audio section for CDs and tapes or online audiobooks through your library account. But maybe you don’t have a library with audiobooks? Then I suggest using audible, I have used it once or twice (not a HUGE fan of audiobooks but they are useful at times) and actually enjoyed listening.

Image result for music and reading gif



Not only is it fun to read with your best friend. But, it also pressures you to not fall behind your friend. Read 2-3 chapters a day. Not much. But, buddy reading has helped my slump so I know it can work!

Image result for reading gif

5) another thing that could work is actually physically going to a book store or library. Surround yourself in those glorious pages and sit down and for a few hours READ! Or even just pick out a handful of books that you want to read and take them home!

Image result for library gif


Take all the books off! Maybe color coordinate them. Then those gorgeous Instagram photos can go up! If you do that tag me! I’d love to see your photos, (Instagram)

Image result for library gif

7) go to blogs. Blog hop, read reviews.

Reading reviews might help because they can inspire you to write a review using a certain thing you saw or just get you in the mood to read!

or some really fun tags *cough* LL&A’s book tags *cough*

Image result for on laptop gif

8) set a goal.

Something like, I’m going to read (so many) books this month. Or something totally wild!

Image result for list gif

9) here’s a simple one, take A BREAK!

Don’t read until you have an urge to read. Watch Netflix or Hulu. Binge different shows or movie series.

Image result for break gif

10) finally, read to your pet or a friend.

Make it fun. Every page you get a piece of candy or a chip. Go mad! Have fun with it, why not? I mean, you wouldn’t be reading anyways because this slump won’t leave!

Image result for reading to pet gif


I hope you all liked this post, I just came up with these. So, use them, enjoy them and have fun getting rid of that rather annoying slump that somehow keeps coming back -_-


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