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The Replacement Crush


Author: Lisa Brown Roberts

Genre: YA contemporary, Romance

Publisher: Entagled: teen


True love can’t be strategized.

After book blogger Vivian Galdi’s longtime crush pretends their secret summer kissing sessions never happened, Vivian creates a list of safe crushes, determined to protect her heart.

But nerd-hot Dallas, the sweet new guy in town, sends the mission and Vivian’s zing meter into chaos. While designing software for the bookstore where Vivian wor …more


I didn’t think I’d fall so in love with this book. But I did, it was so amazing.

As you can tell I gave it a 5/5 stars. Nothing was wrong with this novel, I mean there was that jerk but every book has an ass.

(notice how well the cover matches my blog theme? just sayin)

Anyways, let’s talk about the characters.

Viv- Vivvian was an awesome character. Not only did she work in her mothers book store . . . but she WAS A BLOGGER!!! while I don’t read her type of books, she was awesome and weird and nerdy and spocky. get it?

Viv did make a lot of stupid stupid decisions, first one being that journal and the list of boys. HE WAS IN FRONT OF YOU THE WHOLE TIME VIV! WITH ALL THOSE ROMANCE BOOKS, HOW COULD YOU NOT FEEL ANYTHING?!?!?!?!?!?

Vespa guy, Mcnerd, Dallas – the many names for him, but we all call him by Mcnerdy *smirks and does eyebrow dance*

This boy here did nothing wrong. he did in the end but he was hurt. and fixed it. And oh my gosh did I love how it ended. Just wanted to cry and dance. I did both . . .

Toff- AKA flipper,

he’s awesome. I’d want him as a brother/friend. Yup. And while your at it, can you throw in the mom too? Literally wish my mom was a mysterious writer who OWNED A BOOKSTORE! but noooooooo . . . (love you, mum <3)

Anyways, Toff was awesome.

Amy- the nerdy bff that liked a certain surfer. 😉

We didn’t see much of her throughout the story, she was really adorable though. Having a mix of Viv, Amy and Jaz was the perfect friend Trio.

Jaz- Obviously the best-best friend. I loved Jaz, she was quirky. Cute and she was definitely the gossip girl in the group. She knew Viv liked a ‘boy’ before viv knew because she was trying to be a vulvan. Viv, really?

Viv should have listened to Jaz the whole time. Things would’ve been a lot more simple. And she would’ve gotten hurt a lot less.


now, there’s a few characters I liked that were in the story for very little time.

Iggy, just give him to me please. He’s adorable and who doesn’t want a GBF like him?

then there was Jake. He had a little more time on page than Iggy . . . I wish he didn’t someone needs to feed him to sharks. Seriously I would’ve murdered him in the first chapter


Oh my gosh! Don’t forget Fisk! He was the best character … second best. Mcnerd is first. But Fisk was amazing and since he was a rockstar and he totally played Viv XD amazing.

I really enjoyed being in the library/bookstore. It was the best because SOOO much had happened in that small little store that I want to live in.

The beach wasn’t as great, I still would rather be in the bookstore. I love small towns and little bookstores, so I really loved reading this novel and being in a small town reading about awesome characters (Minus that one un-awesome jerk).

For the part below was all the notes I had taken while reading, there are spoilers and it may be confusing. So if you have not read this novel, and plan to I advice you leave now so your not spoiled ;P

I F-ing want to murder Jake. Don’t EVER say something like that to a girl, I will hunt you down and F-ing kill  you. -loc 269

“so many ways to die, so little time to write about them” HAHAHA I love her mom – loc 374

I like you, mom. You’re funny, and you like killing people . . . mind helping me kill Jake? …

“The name’s more of a red herring. We’re from Wisconsin.” I WAD BORN IN WISCONSIN!!!! WE CAN BE CHEESE HEADS TOGETHER … although I don’t like cheese that much . ..  -loc 397

There’s the cheesehead reference. And no, I do not like packers. I like the bears . . . even though I don’t watch sports . . . – loc 437

FUNNYYYYYYYY! OH MY GOD!!! I love her!! someone get me Vivvy’s mom! – loc 607


“A Replacement crush” and the title was created! -loc 648

I’ll be honesy, I’m holding the squeal too . -loc 805

Iggy- awesome GBF, finny, smart, and cute! I need him. Anyways, I think he should have more page time. IGGY MORE PAGE TIME! IGGY MORE PAGE TIME! -loc 1671

OH NO! if I was caught dancing like that I would die!!!!!!! no way would I have turned aroung to look at him, I’m getting shaky just thinking about it . . . poor vivvy. 

Poor dallas had to witness that – loc 1767

*weird airy laugh noises* 

speaking to yourself . . . spekaing to an invisible spock in your head. Just choose Dallas already! gosh. -loc 1887

hahhaha, Wake up Spock, and go kick Jakes ass. -loc 2082

Vivvy, darling. He’s crushing on you. hard. He’s mad because YOU are the person he ‘hangs’ out with to see if there is anything. And obviously there is. So hun, GO FOR HIMMMMM HE WONT HURT YOU!!!!!!! – loc 2436

Ughhhhhh, Toff! she didn’t sleep with that jerk! she just kissed him. She’s waiting for the Bow-chicka-wow wow with dallas…gosh Toff, get with the program! -loc 3169

There is an author I know who I think would appreciate the cats name “hiddles” AKA “Tom Hiddleston”. -3467

*melting heart noises* 

Finally he did it -loc 4169

“let my inner kirk beat the crap out of my inner spock”. 


omg they be kissing and I loveeee it. why doesmcnerd have to be perfect? 

“I heard his Vespa hum to life, then the osund faded as he drove away,, out of my life, bout not out of my heart.” 

hello darkness my old friend . . . 

-loc 4209 

Girl needs to be no one

Man will teach girl to be no one 


that sounds kinda wrong but I promise it’s not! it’s from Game of thrones! the god of many faces or whatever.  -4291

This is the second time dallas was gonna say something but didn’t BECAUSE PEOPLE KEEP INTERRUPTING!!!!!!!! -5477


I hope you guys like my review, and my notes XD I’m gonna go read some more books.




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