Hello Luvs

Today is another book tag from Beyond the Book Reviews and I! it has been a few months since we made one. I’m so happy to post anther tag Hope you all enjoy.

So once a month we create a fun little tag that will go along with a theme. This month’s theme is GOING BACK TO SCHOOL.

Everyone is welcome to join, all we ask is if you participate that you will notify us through twitter or by commenting on either of our posts. You can tag Sabrina on twitter here and me here

1- What’s your favorite YA novel that is set in high school? 

 UNENCHANTED! by Chanda Hahn! ❤ 

2- A middle-grade novel you still love today?

 seriously NEVER read in middle school so I’ll just say Harry Potter because I’m reading them and I love them!

3- What was one of your favorite forced reads so far in or from high school? 

 I forget the name, it was something about a Red bird. Oh! THE SCARLET IBIS

4- A novel a teacher recommended to you? (And/or a friend) 

I’m just gonna say friend because I don’t remember any teachers from when I WAS in school. 

So, Air Awakens, that was recommended to me by none other than Sabrina herself ❤

5- A book that’s made you have a book hangover during school?

Once again I’m online schooled, so I’d have to say my last hangover. Which was . . . finishing Crystal Crowned. yep. 

6- How many books did you read over the summer? 

literally like 3. I failed. Miserably. 

(Sabrina gets something around 36, I’ll trade you! I’d rather have 36 than 3 XD. this makes me sad   😦        XD) 

7- What’s a book you’ve read during class? 

… oh my gosh. I don’t know.

I’m just gonna let you all answer this XD because I don’t know -_-

8- a classic novel you disliked but had to read? 

Romeo and Juliet. Never again. 

9- Which character from any book would you want to attend school with? 

All of them. 

But really, I would have to choose . . . Vhalla Yarl from the air awakens series by Elise Kova or Mina Grime (Grimm) from the unenchanted series by Chanda Hahn. 

you know what, Morpheus from Splintered would make things interesting. So would Baldair from AA (elise kova)

10- If you could make your class read one novel of your choosing, what would you choose? 

I will make the world read The Iron Butterfly by Chanda Hahn because it broke me into millions of pieces and I’ve still yet to recover ❤ 

go over to Sabrina’s post and reply to her last answer, seriously hard to think about XD

I hope you all enjoyed this tag! if you are reading this, I TAG YOU!

have fun answering the questions and have a lovely month!



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