LL & A’s Monthly tag 

Hello luvs!
I’m happy to present to you Octobers monthly book tag today.

So once a month we create a fun little tag that will go along with a theme. This month’s theme is INKTOBER

Everyone is welcome to join, all we ask is if you participate that you will notify us through twitter or by commenting on either of our posts. You can tag Sabrina on twitter here and me here

If you are not that aware of what Inktober is a drawing challenge a lot of artists do to help practice their skills. It obviously takes place in the month of October.

As Sabrina said on her blog, we both love (fan)art so we wanted to make a tag that was all about drawing. And books, don’t forget them books. 😛


  • What type of art do you like seeing most? 

Hmmph, I really enjoy seeing digitally painted drawings of anytype but I also love love love drawings in pencil and only pencil. I don’t know why HEHe

  • Last fanart/art related item you bought? (or book if nothing) 

Oooooo! Not sure if it’s really fan art . . . but I have an Iphone harry potter case! 

  • What bookish animal would you like to see drawn? 

    Faraway from the Iron Butterfly Trilogy. Seriously, he’s my favorite horse ever. 


  • Your favorite Halloween art you’ve seen this year (or Previous years) 

Literally all of @Pernilleoerum ‘s instagram Inktobers!

  • Favorite Cover illustration that was digitally painted? 

EASY, Elise Kova’s series AIR AWAKENS! and The Alchemists of Loom.

  • Who is a character you’d want to having drawing and inking lessons with? 

ALYSSA GARDNER! I loved how she was in the books (Splintered series)

  • Favorite interior drawn design of a book? 

Oh my gosh, this is really hard! I think I’m gonna say Winter by Marissa Meyer . . . I think. Yeah, I really liked it.

  • What is your favorite artistically inclined book character? 

My mind is blanking but I know Alyssa like I mentioned about was very artistic . . . but since I used her for that question. Wasn’t Feyre from ACOTAR? so Feyre

  • What is your favorite fan art drawing? 


    HAHAHAHA you can’t stop it!

Seriously though, I’m a bit obsessed with Spidey-pool so . . . yeah . . . There’s actually a different fan art drawn one that I’m super obsessed with but I can’t find it!

So, whatever artist made this, (the names in the corner of pic) thank you because I love Spidey-pooL!!!!!!

Just . . . go look at it. You can’t deny it.

  • Who are 3 of your favorite fan art artists? 

    1- artist above

  and my two best friends I’ve seen their drawings and they may not be fan art the ones I’ve seen, but they are friggin amazing. so

SABRINA (BeyondtheBookReviews)


Jade (metamorphicbooks)

Hope you enjoyed this tag!! I had so much fun doing it! Can’t wait for next months!

see you there, Luvs 😉


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