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Author: Clara Kensie

Publisher: Merit press

Genre: Fiction, YA


Charlotte survived four long years as a prisoner in the attic of her kidnapper, sustained only by dreams of her loving family. The chance to escape suddenly arrives, and Charlotte fights her way to freedom. But an answered prayer turns into heartbreak. Losing her has torn her family apart. Her parents have divorced: Dad’s a glutton for fame, Mom drinks too much, and Charlo…more


This novel tore me to a million different pieces, honestly I never thought I would cry so much during a book. Some of it was happy tears, but 90% of my tears were either sad or angry.

I don’t know where to start, I have about 100 tabs in the book with different things I want to say or remember or that I loved or hated. So much I want to bring up but don’t know where to start.


Basically, it begins with the main character Charlotte Weatherstone in an attic. She was kidnapped when she was 12 and is now 16. She ends up escaping because of an accident, and she goes home to her broken family. Her mother; an alcoholic, her father; (Alexa’s words exactly) a fame-whore, and Alexa; Charlottes twin sister that turned to drugs and sex.

personally, I didn’t like the father at first. My only thought was, he’s a fame-whore. Like Alexa said, I mean, he wanted Charlotte to do interviews about what happened. I understand that his foundation started around her and that these people cared about her. But Charlotte literally just got back from a man who raped her every night and beat her if she said or did something wrong. I really didn’t like her father at first, but then later on I realized he wasn’t really forcing her. He asked and accepted it when she said no at first. He understood and most of all I think he wanted to go across the hospital and stab Alan Shaw.

I wanted to. SOOOO badly. I didn’t want him dead, because then he got an easy way out. He should’ve suffered. Rot in a cell.

The mother was weak. She didn’t know how to handle the pain of loosing her daughter so she immediately went to drinking.  drinking was the easiest thing she could do. It was her easy way out.  Yes, she was stupid because her other daughter needed her. But Alexa didn’t handle it all that wonderfully either.

But then again . . . Alexa was torturing herself because of everything. So, she was dumb for a different reason.


Least favorite scene: any scene with Alan shaw in it . . . seriously guy, go kill yourself and don’t ever touch my Charlotte.

Now, the story line and pace was phenomenal. I personally wish it was longer because it was so good. I loved everything that had happened . . . okay not everything I would’ve been happy without the whole kidnapping part . . . but you get my point. The pace of the novel was perfect, I don’t think I even thought once that it was slow. Every time I put the book down I spent forever thinking about what was gonna happen next. I ended up making so many different possible endings myself. I was right for one but the other billion were wrong.

So, if you are reading this review I want you to go read Aftermath! It was so amazing the writing was wonderful the characters were wonderful.

And that huge unexpected twist in the end . . . wasn’t expecting that one XD

If you haven’t read this novel which I’m guessing you haven’t because it isn’t out yet … I think. Depends on when this actually get’s posted . . .  anyways, Below I will be giving spoilers so if you don’t want to see them don’t read them 😉 if you skip to the very bottom there is the author info so you can go follow her on her socials and go talk to her about her book!

*Spoiler content*

Now, here is where all the spoilers will be, including the ‘huge unexpected twist’ but I’m going to try to follow my notes here. I for the first time used sticky tabs for my notes and it was a bit slow because if I wanted to remember something I’d have to grab a sticky note or if I loved something someone said . . . you get the point.

In the beginning, she talks about how she got there and her family and her and her sisters dream journal. I think she went a couple days without food because Alan Shaw had a heart attack? I actually forget what happened to him -_- but he should have broken his neck on the way down those stairs.

Just saying.

as soon as she wakes up in the hospital, I was so annoyed. Mainly because instead of being with his daughter he kept bringing up press conferences and the news and ALL THE PEOPLE THAT LOVE CHARLOTTE! AND WANT TO KNOW SHE’S ALIVE.

People, step back and wait for the girl to heal.

The moment that melt my heart was most definitely when Alexa and Charlotte reunited. Being twins and the fact that before she was taken they were almost inseparable, it was happy to see them back together.

the next big thing was finding out that not only did her parents get a divorce but his father is married to a new woman, and has a child. That they named after her.

I understand why she’s upset, the baby literally replaced her but it didn’t in a way. It was just a reminder. It was sweet, she took it wrong. She was disgusted by said baby. And I just thought maybe because they smell bad . . . nope.

in the end you find out that Charlotte was pregnant at age 14 . . . I think. Because F-ing Alan Shaw had to be so stupid and rape an innocent child! and then a few weeks after finding out she was pregnant, HE KICKED HER UNTIL THE BABY LITERALLY CAME OUT OF HER! IT WAS BARELY A BABY! HOW CRUEL CAN ONE MAN BE? Seriously . . . how cruel and sick can you be to not only rape a CHILD but kick her until she is bleeding and the baby is no longer inside her. And instead of fixing her, you make her clean up the fucking mess while you ate a friggin cheeseburger.

I seriously wanted to punch his eyes out and make him eat them. I was so pissed when that happened, I am getting upset just writing this!

It sucks because when you think about it, there are people in this world that would do this. That would rape a child and then beat her because he got her pregnant. or Kill her because she breathed wrong while he beat her.

A lot of people think, “oh, I’ll just stay away from the guys (or girls) that look like they’ll hurt me”. But those aren’t always the ones that’ll hurt you. The ones that’ll hurt you are the most normal people, no tickets, no sexual assaults on their records, nothing. Just a good citizen, like Alan Shaw.

The nicest people can be monsters.

This review totally turned into a rant there . . . Anyways! *looks through notes for happy moment* oh!

When they DO, do the press conference and their father wanted Alexa to take out her piercings and stuff so she didn’t look all dark and emo XD

And she did it only because Charlotte asked her and she just sits next to her and says “I did it for you, not them” that was really sweet. She’s the best sister that I’ve read about.

CHAPTER THIRTY-ONE: the best news in the world . . . kinda.

ALAN SHAW DIES! It’s good and bad because I wanted him to suffer in a prison cell the rest of his life.

okay so I don’t want to be much longer but I also wanted to mention the part where Charlotte looks at herself for the first time in what-almost 5 years? I don’t remember.

But she looked at herself, her long black hair and everything and she wanted scissors and Alexa gave them to her and then she looked at the hair dye on the counter and then realized that’s why Alexa dyed her hair, because she knew Alan Shaw liked their hair. And then to find out that Alexa at 12 years old pretty much flirted with him. She would flip her hand because he touched it and said he liked it. I don’t blame her and I never did, she was 12 years old. Her flirting with him is as much her fault as it is Charlottes for walking off with a man she doesn’t know without her mother’s consult. Alexa didn’t know what she was doing or what it would lead to. And Charlotte didn’t know what she was doing or what it would lead to when she went with him.

They BOTH made that mistake and they both suffered in their own ways. Charlotte was raped and beat and Alexa slept with guys and did drugs because she thought she didn’t deserve better.

It would’ve been smart to speak up and say something but she was scared.

Back to Alan Shaw, he raped his niece! his niece. And guess how she looked? Long black hair and pale skin. How did the last girl look? Long black hair and pale skin (Emily Alvarado . . . I think that was the last name) and Charlotte, black hair and pale skin.

I don’t know if the first two had pale skin, but Charlotte did. and he had trust issues with the last two because his niece ran away and pretty much became a stoner. But he ruined her life, and then killed herself because she didn’t speak up about it. Like I said about both Charlotte and Alexa, it wasn’t the niece’s fault either. She was young and scared and didn’t know what would happen if she spoke up.

okay, before I literally write a book about a book I will end that there. I don’t need to go into another long rant . . . but I kinda want to because GOSH! THE FEELS THIS BOOK GAVE! By the end you have cried, smiled, laughed, hated people, loved others, felt betrayed, just . . . everything.

(one last thing, the last chapter. MAN! she buried her baby. I mean, the formation of the baby I guess. This is the best book I’ve read this year so far.

Right next to The Architect of Song by A.G.Howard



About the author!


Clara Kensie grew up near Chicago, reading every book she could find and using her diary to write stories about a girl with psychic powers who solved mysteries. She purposely did not hide her diary, hoping someone would read it and assume she was writing about herself. Since then, she’s swapped her diary for a computer and admits her characters are fictional, but otherwise she hasn’t changed one bit.

Clara’s Website

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or sad . . .

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