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Author: Rachel E. Carter

Genre: YA, Fantasy


Novella follows Prince Darren as a child through adolescence and his first run-in with Ryiah at the Academy of Magic. Readers discover the dark backstory between the two princes and their father, as well as the ensuing events that shaped Darren into the Academy’s most prodigal m …more






Um . . . I have TWO things to say.

I love Darren

I want Blayne to have his heart ripped out and then fed to him.

Okay that’s the end of the review. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


HA! you thought that was it? that’s hilarious. You think I would just say something cruel like that and not explain? Have a seat! we might be a while.

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Well . . . sorry about that craziness! Anyways to the review!

As you can tell, I gave this novella a 5/5 stars. If there were a 10/5 option via Goodreads/Amazon etc, I would definitely be doing that!

First I want to say that, I loved Darren in the “Black Mage: First Year” and “Apprentice” so reading from his POV from before book 1 and+ was really awesome! You get to understand Darren a lot more and you get to know his childhood better and know that his family sucks and I wish they all died. Especially . . . the heir to the throne.

Image result for staring daggers gif

Oh MY GOD! ! ! After that scene in the beginning (ish) where Darren goes to where Blayne was moments before and finds . . . a . . . dead . . . kitten . . . he killed. . . with . . . his .. .  hands.


I lost it there.

I’m a HUGE animal person. I’ve always been an animal person. If I were there at that moment and saw him kill it or see it in the woods where he put it . . . I would hunt him down and murder him. Nope. I just. No. I can’t deal with it. AGH! I hated Blayne so much more after that. Literally I was still iffy like “oh he’s just a spoiled pri–KILL HIM!”

even though he tried . . . hurting Ry’s best friend . . . XD

So, for that short period of time I had gotten really sad. Haha

Rant about Blayne is over.

Image result for rant gif

Now to the good part!

Darren! I liked seeing how he met his friends and how he thought of everyone. How he thought of himself and his father, his brother, even his trainer the soldier guy. Sorry . . . I forget his name. Great explaining I’m doing right now XD

“Shoulder’s back and tummy in and pinky out and lift the chin and slowly turn the head from side to side. Breathing gently, stepping lightly, smile brightly, nod politely, never show a thing you feel insideeeee”

Related image

Sorrrry, I’m listening to THE PRINCESS AND THE PAUPER soundtrack . . . I really love these songs. Someone really needs to ban me from watching old movies I used to love. But really, there’s some advice for Ry.

And seriously, to the wonderful Non-Heir review because I keep getting distracted. OOPS.

*serious face* And he has beautiful eyes. your spirits rise when he walks in the room. Doors close and the chemistry grows hes like a rose that’s forever in BLOOOOOOM-ehhmm– What, did I just change the words there? yeah . . . that was . . . Misheard the lyrics.

Image result for awkward gif

I’m so sorry! it’s 12 and I’m losing my mind. I have so much to say but I keep thinking of other things.

I LOVED how Darren since he was a tiny little boy wanted to be the best. Wanted to be a Hero. and when you first read “First Year” that is the complete opposite of what you think, at first you think he is a complete jerk, but then you get to know him.

Image result for serious face gif

You do get to know a few bad things about characters as I mentions above (for one of them) but there are a lot of different character personalities and the world building so far has been amazing. Jerar seems like a pretty badass place to live.

I cannot wait to read Candidate so I can see more of my two favorite people (Darren and Ryiah).

there was something I wanted to mention . . . I really can’t remember but if I do I’m coming back and editing it in. But (if) until I remember that is all I have and I’m sorry I went nuts in part of it. All of it.

I hope things go better from book 3 on wards. I have a feeling I’m going to be mentally yelling at characters to just love each other instead of being stupid. I swear, if Ry or Darren lie to one another I’m seriously going to kill them. AH! I need more.

Image result for squeal gif

That is all I have. Have a wonderful, day/night Luvs



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