Hello Luvs!

You might remember last year when I posted my 30 day interviews with a ton of authors!

Well it’s back!

And it’s better!

The last two times I’ve attempted this “event” I did something I regret and that is changing the name both times. I did an event in January of 2016 (New year, New books, Author Interviews), then I did ANOTHER even in July (Summer Luvin’)

I am changing the title once again, but it’s going to be the permanent event title for the years to come! This year I am holding this event (#MFBLfest – Mad For Books, Luv Fest) in April of 2017 and the years after will be held in May! I’ve been planning this since December and have been secretly DYING to announce it once again as a permanent event instead of the madness I had.

I’ve had so much fun the last couple times and I wanted to make it an annual event instead of something I do randomly and change the title each time. It get’s quite confusing, but now, it will be #MFBLFest yay!

If you do NOT know what this event is and/or about I will tell you below *points below*

What is MFBLfest?

It is an event I’m hosting yearly for all (YA & NA) authors, I’ve put a lot of thought into it this year for the layout and the design (still a bit of a work-in-progress, but nothing that won’t be finished before April!).

I will be interviewing authors’ with the same 10 questions (two additional questions that are fun! and optional the author is not forced to answer them if they do not have the time or just don’t want to answer them), when I first decided to do these interviews I wanted the questions to be different but if there a lot of authors being interviewed it would be difficult to find ten different unique questions for EACH author! So I decided I  want to keep them as identical as possible! I will be pre-posting the interview questions to twitter (@sweetypetitti) and maybe my blog a week before the event starts (Sun, March 26th). Also will be pre-posting the list of authors. In the past I had kept it a secret until the day of posting, but that was a bit complicated, so on the 26th of March I will also be posting a list of the author’s I’ll be interviewing!

And I guess it leaves more hype and at least a reminder if you see a certain author and want to see their interview but not as much as others?

If you have any questions comment below for me to answer them!

I will probably have a couple days open or more once I get all my responses from authors, BUT if you are an author and see this and would like to participate in this event, email me @ (Kaelynne0800@gmail.com) and I will gladly fit you in!

Thank you all for reading this post I am sorry if it is boring but I tried the best I could at explaining 😛 I hope you are all excited about this as much as I am. I honestly, since I’m writing this in advance of everything I don’t know how many authors there will be. And be looking for a post of the Interview Questions and Author’s being interviewed!

And if you’re wondering why there is a mermaid for the event Graphic, I honestly have no idea. I drew that a while ago and I’ve been wanting to use it for SOMETHING so I decided to use it for this event.


Seriously, really excited about this ❤

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