Hello Luvs!

Welcome to my LATE Wrap-up, but March was pretty boring!

correction, really boring :    )

It is the 5th right now, that I’m editing this . . . but March was still a boring-ish month for books and reading.

Books I purchased/ received in march:

♥ BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and other fairy tales (Barnes and Noble classic collection) by Various



purchased: B&N


there is no synopsis, so . . . we all know the story of beauty and the beast . . . and the “other tales” 







♥ Belle pocket funko (because why not? it was super cute and I didn’t have money for the large one)

Image result for belle pocket pop


books read this month



See, I told you, BORING. I went to Wisconsin at the end of March so I could’ve read literally ALL month . . . I didn’t. I didn’t even read on the 6-7 hour car right there AND back. Or when I was just . . . scrolling through my phone while I was there.

I should’ve read. I brought four books to read. I read none. :(((((((((

What did you read in March?

I’m sure you read more than me! 😉




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