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 Amber R. Duell was born and raised in a small town in Central New York. While it will always be home, she’s spent the last six years living in Germany and Maine as a military wife where the next step is always an adventure.

When Amber isn’t writing, she’s wrangling her two young sons. She is a lover of history, a fan of snowboarding, and a travel enthusiast. In her downtime, she can be found curling up with a good book and a cat or two.


pre-oder Fragile Chaos

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1- how long have you been writing?

Growing up, I always wrote little stories for fun, but I didn’t start seriously writing until 2006. So 11 years!


2- Is there a certain genre you’d like to get into? 

My wheelhouse will probably always be Fantasy, but I’d love to get into historical a little bit more. History is so fascinating! Everyone had a story and those stories shaped generations of other stories. (Plus, pretty dresses!)

3- Who designed your (latest) book cover? 

Alivia at White Rabbit Book Design

4- Where do your ideas come from? 

Usually from the smallest of things. Fragile Chaos was sparked by a news article about a mummified Incan girl sacrificed to the gods 500 years ago. Another was after I told my (then) 4-year-old I was going to call the Sandman if he didn’t go to sleep. My latest outline was inspired by a close-up photo of a hawk.


5- If you weren’t a writer, what would you be doing? 

I would want to be a professional organizer. Making lists and organizing everything to be neat and efficient is probably too exciting for me, haha!


6- Do you ever experience writers block? If so how do you get over it? 

All the time. If it’s one day because I’m exhausted or drained, I cut myself some slack. I take a break, do something fun, get away from the computer. If it’s still a problem the next day, I force myself to write through it. Sometimes I end up with pages riddled with notes to *add something here* but at least it’s something to work with during edits. Other times, it only takes a paragraph or two to find the right groove.

7- How did you come up with your title? 

I thought about how chaos is a brutal, violent thing, but there’s always another breaking point. Something can happen to make matters worse even when it seems like there isn’t, and my characters learn that the hard way.


8- what is your perfect writing spot?

My couch! Although my new apartment has a built-in desk in the living room so I can’t wait to move in and give it a whirl.


9- What do you do in your free time? 

Reading, of course, and I just got Netflix so I’ve fallen down that rabbit hole! And I love exploring. As a military family, we move every 3 years so there’s always something new locally to discover.


10-Anything you’d like to add? 

Follow your passion! Learn, grow, and let each disappointment harden your determination to make it.




11- Do you write friends, family, or even strangers you met into your novels? 

At most, I steal a small quirk or someone’s last name for a minor character. I worry I wouldn’t be able to make the character do what needs to be done if I associate them with someone I know.

12- If you were a superhero what would your name be?

The Dueling Shadow! Duel as a play on my last name, and Shadow because I’m really good at sneaking up on people.




*thinks of my 50’s obsession*

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Thank you Amber Duell *cough* I mean Dueling Shadow for letting me interview you! You’re answers were stunning! ❤

Tomorrow’s author being interviewed is Emily R King author of The Thousandth Queen!



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