Hello Luvs!

April has honestly gone by so fast, so far!

I’m sad to see an end already! I’ve been having so much fun interviewing all these amazing authors! Speaking of, if you’d like to read the other AMAZING interview’s with the author’s I’ve done so far just click HERE. 

As you can see by the title of this post today I am interview T. Damon author of




T. Damon

T. Damon lives in Northern California, where she spends most of her time imagining new worlds and bringing them to life through her writing. Oddly enough, most of her professional life has been in the zoological field, where she volunteered at the San Francisco Zoo and worked as a tour guide at Safari West in Santa Rosa for many years. She even participated in a study conducted in the Mojave desert that researched the reproductive habits of the threatened California Desert Tortoise. T. Damon always assumed she would make her career in the animal field, as she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology, but her passion for writing was a fire within her heart that was not to be ignored.



1- how long have you been writing? 

I’ve actually been writing since I was very young. I can recall in grade school (probably second or third grade) writing my own stories and making my own books from paper we had lying around the house. I was even published for the first time, at age ten, in a national children’s poetry anthology. The anthology included two poems of mine, something my mother still talks about to this day (I have a daughter now, so I can definitely understand the excitement of a mother!). 

2- Is there a certain genre you’d like to get into? 

I predominately write fantasy, a little bit of sci/fi, and young adult contemporary (sometimes inadvertently falling into the urban fantasy genre). What I read personally, however, is another story. I love horror! Give me a good, solid, somewhat traumatizing ghost story or otherwise paranormal tale any day! I would love to one day write horror, but sometimes I wonder if my brain would truly be able to “go there” the way most horror does nowadays. I might enjoy reading it more than I ultimately would like writing it, but who knows, maybe someday it’ll happen.


3- Who designed your (latest) book cover? 

My cover designer is beyond incredible, and I cannot stress that enough! Her name is Lia Wayward, and her work can be explored at freeyourwords.com. She is responsible for The Haunting, A Girl Named Dracula, and Anthropoidea (the latter two books I wrote under the pen name K.L. Teal, in YA contemporary). The designer who created the cover for my first book, The Falling, worked for the small indie publisher I used to work with. Nowadays I do everything independently, working with my own designer, editor, formatter, etc, and use the stamp of the small (but enormously amazing) Snowy Wings Publishing.

4- Where do your ideas come from? 

Strangely enough, I get a lot of ideas from dreams/daydreams. Sometimes I will leap out of bed to write down an idea just before I fall asleep at night, but I’m always happy I did. One of those ideas eventually turned into A Girl Named Dracula, as I had written almost the entire first chapter while on the verge of passing out one night! I’ve also found that having a Coca-Cola while I write keeps my ideas flowing and prevents writer’s block, though I try not to allow myself to have too many sodas if I can help it!


5- If you weren’t a writer, what would you be doing? 

I actually have a degree in Zoology, and prior to focusing solely on my writing career I spent about fifteen years in the animal husbandry field, working at the San Francisco Zoo and then as a tour guide at Safari West in Santa Rosa. I’ve also spent time as a veterinary technician and a teacher’s aide for autistic and emotionally disturbed children. I suppose if I weren’t writing/raising a kid from home, I’d likely be employed in some kind of helping position, whether it be with animals or humans.

6- Do you ever experience writers block? If so how do you get over it? 

Yes! I mentioned earlier that a good old Coca-cola tends to help me with that, or I will take a break from writing and go take a walk outside or meditate to get the creative juices flowing again.

7- How did you come up with your title? 

For The Falling, my agent actually came up with the title. I had submitted a few chapters to her with the intention of entitling the book The Forest Spirit, but she suggested I call the book The Falling because of the events that were taking place in the novel and call the entire series The Forest Spirit Series. My other books I titled myself. Anthropoidea was the hardest one to name, actually, because the book is a bit unconventional, but after some research I found the title and am very happy with it.

8- what is your perfect writing spot?

My desk is up on my second floor landing in my house, which overlooks the living room and has a nice view of my front yard. I prefer to write there, though if I have to I can force myself to write anywhere I can place my computer and sit comfortably with no distractions.


9- What do you do in your free time? 

In my free time I enjoy studying astrology, doing tarot card readings, and watching old movies, especially ones with Jerry Lewis and Vincent Price. I’m also a huge fan of music from the ’50s and ’60s, so I enjoy furthering my trivia knowledge on those musical eras. Back in my pre-baby days, I played bass and sang in an oldies cover band, so I still like to jam on bass and practice singing whenever I can.


10-Anything you’d like to add? 

If you enjoy my books, you should also definitely check out the author Lyssa Chiavari, too. Her debut novel, Fourth World, is not only epic, but an engulfing read that you will devour! I especially recommend if you like YA sci/fi, or have any interest in Mars (the planet).



11- Do you write friends, family, or even strangers you met into your novels? 

Absolutely! Sometimes obviously, sometimes not. But if you’ve made an impression on me at some time or another in my life, you can bet you’ll find yourself in one of my stories sooner or later. 🙂

12- If you were a superhero what would your name be?

The Forest Empress, an intuitive goddess of nature. 


YES! 50’s music!

I am in a HUGGGE 1950’s phase . . . it could totally be related to Bates Motel because I love how Norma Bates dresses but I’ve always had a thing for swing dresses and really dresses in general XD

My cousin does Tarrot card reading! I don’t know if she still does, I believe so. I think she even has an Etsy account with a bunch of Tarrot Card reading stuff . . . I’ll have to ask her!

OOOOOO LUVely superhero name!

*light bulbs* Forest Goddess art inspiration


I hope you all loved this interview, comment you’re favorite question/answer!

Tomorrow’s Author:

Lyssa Chiavari

Snowy Wings Publishing



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