Hello, Luvs!

Today I am showing you a beautiful cover of The Reckoning by T. Damon.

I actually interviewed this luvely author for #MFBLFest event! Which was super fun, here’s the link!

T. Damon Interview



The Reckoning full size.jpg

Title: The Reckoning (Book 3 of the Forest Spirit Series)

Author: T. Damon

Cover Designer: Lia Wayward

Release: August 22nd, 2017

Publisher: Snowy Wings Publishing


An ancient coven of sibling warlocks known as the Controllers has returned to the Forest, dead set on continuing the destruction of the spiritual balance among the kingdoms of beings and animals. Someone has released them to further implement the downfall of the Forest—but who?

Once-protected portals are no longer being guarded, zombies roam freely at will, and more and mor …more


get connected with T. Damon Here!


Website: tdamon.wordpress.com

Twitter: @tdamonauthor

Instagram: @tdamonauthor



Hope you all enjoyed this little cover reveal!
So happy to be able to help out on revealing it!





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