Hello Luvs!

Today is the FIRST day of my Character Chats!

Today I am interviewing a lovely girl named Cassia from the novel Fragile Chaos. 

If you haven’t heard of Fragile Chaos but would like to read it, I am leaving all the info the author has provided for you to know more about it!

32181158 Title: Fragile Chaos

Publisher: Radiant Crown Publishing

Release Date: July 11th 2017





“[E]very fiber of my being is woven from the rage of mortals.”

Theodric, the young God of War, has a talent for inciting conflict and bloodshed. After being stripped of his powers by his older brother, King of Gods, he sets out to instigate a mortal war to prove himself wor …more


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Name: Cassia Stravros

Age: 16

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 110 lbs

Hair color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Birthday: January 26th

Nationality: Kisken

About: Cassia was an outgoing fourteen-year-old until her brother was convicted of treason. The following year that led up to the bombings and left the island in ruins, changed everything. After the bombings killed her parents, Cassia pulled herself up and learned to survive on her own. She usually tried hard to find the good in others despite the horrible way the other Kiskens treated her. Cassia felt guilty for her brother’s actions and tried to make amends up until the morning the zealots sacrificed her to the God of War.


Introduce yourself, Cassia!

Hey! I’m Cassia, or if you’ve been talking to the survivors, I’m the Stravros girl. Though it’s technically the Stravros boy they have a bone to pick with. That’s me–guilty by association. And who better to sacrifice to the God of War than the sister of a traitor? (I still call it murder, but you say potato… ) Anyway, now I live with Theo and his adviser, Goran, in the realm of the Gods where I’m carving out a new life for myself. 


Do you have any siblings?

I have a brother, Oren. He’s known as the Great Kisken Traitor now, but to me he’s just my big brother.


What is your biggest secret? if you can tell us her 😉

All I can say is knowledge can be a powerful and dangerous thing.


What is your favorite book?

Definitely not the mythology book Theo gave me! With the war, there hasn’t been much opportunity to read, but my mother used to tell me a cute story about a little blue kitten.


Who is your best friend?

That’s the of the year. It’s hard to know who to trust, but I think Goran is the closest thing to a best friend.


Do you have any nicknames?

Cass, but no one calls me that anymore.


What is something you hate?

Humidity! I know, I know–I lived right on the ocean.


What is your greatest strength?

My stubbornness. It’s kept me going through the hard times.

The Last ‘fun’ thing you remember doing?

Scavenger hunting! There was a club at school. 


Are you in a relationship? and if so what is he/she like?

I’m with Theo. (And, for the record, it’s not because of the ritual the zealots did.) He’s probably even more stubborn than I am and definitely more angry, but he has this soft side to him that he keeps hidden from the rest of the world. 


If you could take over the work of one god or goddess for twenty-four hours, which would you choose?

Drea, Goddess of life. I wouldn’t want to deal with war or death, and I really wouldn’t want to rule over the siblings. Love has had its fair share of help. The sea is close second, but I could definitely create a super cute, fluffy new species in a day. 


I would love to have a fluffy new species created! that would be amazing, thank you so much Cassia for having this interview with me today! I loved the answers you provided!

Thanks for having me! 



Thank you Amber for getting into Cassia’s head for this interview! I had such a fun time Hope to interview more of your characters in the future!

I hope you all enjoyed the interview! I know I did! I can’t wait to show the rest! They are all so amazing!





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