Hello Luvs!


I don’t think I read much in July! And still 10 days into August and I haven’t touched a book! I need to buckle down and read. I want to… but I havent’ :~/

I haven’t bought any new books recently, I wanted to go to my library sale… but I missed it! completely forgot about it until a week ago XD


Books read in July:

Through the woods by Emily Carroll 

One other book that I’m not sure I can announce … ? but it’s getting published soon! a cover reveal will be on my blog about it in less than a month about iiit 😉

comment from last months WRAP UP

This is all I got for June! Let’s see if I pass seven in July or . . . fail miserably.


I failed miserably. From my goal. But it’s not a race to finish, so I’m actually really happy with my two books read!

I always overwhelm myself with saying “I NEED TO READ 7 BOOKS THIS MONTH!” then totally not wanting to do anything. :/


Whats the last thing you read?


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