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Today I am interviewing Jade from Jaded

I had interviewed K.M. Robinson’s other character Auluria at the beginning of this two-week event, click HERE to see it!


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Title: Jaded

Publisher: Snowy Wings Publishing

Pub-Date: June 27th, 2017


Her father failed in his mission to take control from the Commander, a defeat that has cost Jade her life. She will die as punishment. Now she belongs to the Commander’s son—as his wife. Knowing his intent is to quietly kill her in revenge, Jade’s every move is calculated to survive—until she learns her death ensures the safety of her father and her entire town.

Roan doesn’ …more

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Name: Jade Jareau Diamond.
Hair: Light brown, long hair.
Eyes: Greenish blue eyes.
Status: Daughter of politician James Jareau, whose rebellion against the commander failed when she was a child.
Skills: Creative, Fashionista.
Personality: Kind hearted protector of her father and her people.

Introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Jade Jareau. Well, Jade Jareau Diamond, I suppose. I was just married to the Commander’s son, Roan, and I’m still getting used to the new name. Honestly, I’m pretty worried at this point, but I can trust you, can’t I? I’m pretty sure Roan and his father are going to try to kill me in revenge for my father trying to take the Commander’s power away. I’m all alone, trapped with a man I’m positive is going to make my death look like an accident. I won’t make it easy for him or the Commander though. I’ll play their game, and while I probably won’t win it, I’m not going to die without a fight.

How did you feel about having your entire life planned out for you?

The idea of having life planned out for you almost sounds like it could be very helpful-you know where you’re going and what you’re working toward. Had my father or my boss or even some of my friends had a guiding hand in my life, I imagine it could have been quite helpful. But to have my life dictated by Commander Robert Diamond? Well, if I weren’t set to die anyway, I might want to be dead. Knowing you’re supposed to die–that you’re going to die–its a very hard thing to cope with. I plan to fight it by making Roan fall in love with me and making everything difficult for him and his family, but I also worry what the cost of that will be. If the Commander can’t kill me to hurt my father, what else will he do to strike out at us? Have you ever felt trapped and you had potential options for escape, but no matter what you chose, someone else would pay the price? I can’t let others pay the price for my life, which leaves me without many options. If it were just about me, that would be one thing, but there are so many more people at risk here.

what did you think about the Diamonds?

The Commander and Roan are trying to murder me quietly. Even Alice hates me and is trying to make me miserable. I’ve never met a more horrific family. Their only goal is to murder, get revenge, and rule in complete power. I have nothing good to say about them. Quite frankly, I hate telling people my new last name is Diamond…not that it matters, the entire country knows at this point.

What is your worst habit?

I worry so much about others that sometimes I don’t see the things right in front of my own face. I feel like I have to protect everyone and I forget about myself.

Is there anything about Roan Diamond that most people wouldn’t know?

From what I can tell, he has a few secrets he has hidden from his father. He’s an artist, believe it or not–and a good one at that! It’s amazing how a would-be-murderer also has the ability to create such beautiful things. He can give life through his hands and take life through them. If I weren’t so fearful of him, I’d find him fascinating.

Favorite childhood memory?

I love the times my father would sit down with me in our house at the end of a long day and tell me stories about my mother. They were better than any story he could read me from a book. Having that time with him and being able to feel closer to my mother was the best thing in the world. The second best would have to be my time spent at the lake…or the library!

What would you say is your best quality?

Compassion. At least, I like to think I’m compassionate toward others.

What animal would you love to have as a pet?

Maybe a puppy? I’m not really sure. Having attachments as a child wasn’t really a good thing, especially since we didn’t know what was going to happen to me or if we’d have to pick up and run (as if we ever had any hope of that.)

Your biggest secret, if you can tell us here 😉

Everyone thinks I’m so kind and good, but the truth is, I know how to survive. I’m willing to do what it takes. I will happily manipulate Roan Diamond and mess with his family, and if causing them grief is the last thing I do, so be it.

What is your favorite book?

I love the old books and fairytales. Princesses who don’t need a prince to save them, but find happiness with them, and live and rule together as a team…those are my favorites. I love reading about mermaids and princesses who were to be married off but saved themselves instead. Strong and fierce, but kind of heart and respected by all, with men who love them and compliment them. I’d live in the library in town if I could!

Who is your best friend?

My father and my boss, Mr. Eroh. They’ve taken such good care of me and trained me to survive. I also really love spending time with Annie over in the bakery!

Do you have any nicknames?

Jade is a pretty short name, so I never really had any nicknames. My father sometimes calls me his “baby girl” if that counts!

Your favorite item, whether it be a family heirloom or just something you’ve collected

My mother left me letters. They are the most precious thing I could own.

what would be a perfect gift to receive?

A pardon from this death sentence would be lovely. But if I can’t have that, I’d settle for a book I haven’t read before!

If for one day you had no responsibilities, what would you do?

Read, probably. Spend time in town. I’d go see Mr. Eroh in his shop in the morning, have lunch with my father at the cafe, then go down my the lake to sit and read by the water and take a swim. I might walk around to the different shops before closing and see what they have. I’d cook dinner for my father at home and then read until bed time. It would be lovely.

The last ‘fun’ thing you remember doing?

Roan and I recently took a little trip around the town. I admit I had ulterior motives, but it was actually more fun than I thought it would be.

Is there something you could tell us that most people wouldn’t know about you?

I love fashion and being creative. I sometimes sew my own clothes. I tend to stay extremely quiet about it, I think only my father and maybe mr. Eroh have any idea. I love it though. It’s a creative outlet for me. Repurposing things is fun and I love bringing new life to things.

Are you in a relationship? and if so what is he/she like?

Well, I’m married to Roan Diamond, but I don’t know if you can really call that a relationship, especially since I was given no choice. He’s trying to kill me, so…you want to guess what he’s like?

any interesting stories you have to tell?

I’m terribly allergic to scented things. Candles, flowers, air fresheners…when I get around them I end up having flu-like symptoms for a week-two weeks. When I was a little girl, my mother used to wear this perfume…when she died, I was no longer exposed to it and when I was finally around scents again, I had become intolerant to them. My father walked me into a candle shop to pick a few up because there was supposed to be a bad storm coming in and I ended up incredibly sick. It took days to figure out why. We went back to test our theory and it took exactly one sneeze for him to drag me out of there so fast that I tripped and sent a basket of food flying all over the road. Annie saw me and came rushing over. I must have looked like I was about to cry because she pulled out a scone she was carrying from her delivery basket, and she’s been making me scones and muffins ever since. She always knows exactly what I want without ever asking.


Thank you, K. M. Robinson, for being here with Jade! So lovely to have you on my blog again! Maybe next time we could have both Jade and Roan 😉
That would be interesting
I had so much fun with this little event!
If you didn’t know, over on my twitter @sweetypetitti, I have announced ANOTHER event for next month for BACK-TO-SCHOOL! the author’s participating will be going to school for a day and telling us ALL about it! Maybe they’ll even run into a crush?



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