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Today I am happy to start off my new event for BACK TO SCHOOl! I am super happy to share with you the amazing interviews I did with the awesome authors who are participating!

If you saw my twitter post you know the author’s who will be interviewed and how long the event is (18th-30th)

This event is a cute little interview of how your favorite author is going back to High School!



Jolea M. Harrison

“I’m a writer, a mother, and manager of chaos. I have two new adult kids, though I’ve yet to experience the sorrows (joys?) of an empty nest, which means I try to do too many things at once, like so many of us, but it all usually works out. I love writing. It’s what I’m passionate about and what I want to do above all other things.”

After reading The Lord of the Rings, the fantasy bug left a permanent mark with the author, which was then complicated by her immediate love of Star Wars, Star Trek, and other works of science fiction. She started her writing career in earnest several years ago when she set out to publish the epic fantasy series, The Guardians of the Word.

“It’s been more than worth it, and I’ve enjoyed every minute, but especially getting to know the incredibly helpful and wonderful people I’ve met because I took a leap of faith.”

She has become a recent and avid fan of the television series, Supernatural, and immediately fell in love with the SPN family community. You can find her on twitter any given day, discussing the show with fellow fans!


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You walk into the doors and go to your locker, what would your bookish locker look like?

The inside would be stuffed with my favorite authors; Tolkien, Zelazny, Brooks, Eddings, Rowling, and plastered with stickers of fairies and dragons. There’d also be my old, worn Roget’s Thesaurus on the shelf in a place easily accessible since you can’t go wrong carrying one of those around, right? My Star Wars lightsaber is also in there and maybe Sting as well, except that’s probably not allowed. (Don’t take your sword collection to school, kids. The teachers won’t like it.) Lastly, because you never know when you might need sustenance, I’d have a stash of those individually wrapped fig newton bars handy. You can live off newtons for a couple days.

We go to homeroom, the class is talking about a book. Which book is it?

Lord of the Rings; Books vs Movie. Old news, I know, but there would be lengthy arguments over the changes made in the movies and how … um… problematic the entire Hobbit movie(s) were. The purists are intractable but the rest of us let a few things slide because hey, Aragorn and Legolas! and pretty darn great special effects. Smaug was spectacular. The Balrog was terrifying.

For me, math is the most frustrating part of the day! What’s the most frustrating part of being an author?

Organizing my day so that I don’t spend the majority of my time marketing instead of writing the next book. Staring at a blank page is no fun either. Resisting the urge to edit as I go is like not eating that last donut or the entire bag of chips.

1+1 = 2… so which characters from your book should we pair together to make a disastrous combination? … as disastrous as I feel about this math class.

Dain and Maralt. They are like oil and water. One is a bad boy and the other is just plain bad. Put them in the same room together and one isn’t coming out alive.

Your next class is art! What would you love to see drawn out from your book?

The battle scene between the dragon and the demon. On separate high cliffs, there’s a palace and a temple shining in the light and a gray, churning sea beneath them. Lightning bolts and flame reflect against water and sky. Anyone want to get on that? You can have my right arm.

The bell rings and you grab your art supplies to take to your locker, on the way… you see your crush! Do you go talk to him or run in a different direction? Have you ever run into any swoony guys on purpose… literally or metaphorically? 😉

I’d force myself to talk to him but physically place myself so that running away remains an option. I do like swoony guys (Jensen Ackles anyone?) but I’ll take substance over a killer bod. Brains and beauty together in one package now; that’s a deadly combo.

We get to lunch and I forgot mine…again. What did you bring… and can you share? I’m starving!

I’d buy you lunch but since I’m a starving artist, I’m happy to share and if you like roast beef with lettuce and tomato you’re all set. You can have half and the apple. Sorry, but the chocolate bar is all mine.

Now it’s time for gym, do you want to ditch and go to the library or stay and play? What’s your favorite sport?

I’d end up in the library, tucked back in a corner. Is walking a sport? I know stage combat sword fighting, but that’s never been offered in the curriculum.

Some of you may be taking notes in history, but I’m staring at the cute guy in the corner, wishing we had our own history I could be thinking about. Do you study the era you write about like I’m studying this guy, or do you wing it like I’m considering within my next conversation with this guy… I mean…did I say that for everyone to hear? (Answer the question:)how much research do you do for your novel?

I had to study anatomy 101 because a lot of people get stabbed and surgery was involved. Also the possible flight dynamics of a dragon and then had to make it up as I went. I learned the difference between light speed and warp speed, and made up the rest there too. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried to raise your brain processing, cognitive function to the level of a physicist. I’ve studied ecosystems and terra-forming. I now know how a tall ship is rigged to sail. Hopefully, none of that put me on a watch list. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for being a distraction in history, now let’s get to music! We are late so we end up playing (what instrument)? Do you have a favorite song or genre of music you listen to when writing?

I play the flute, guitar, and a little piano. I listened to James Galway and the sound track to Lord of the Dance, and ended up incorporating that style of Irish dance into one of my books. If I’m listening to music while I write, it’s usually symphonic sound tracks, like the Lord of the Rings. Has to be soaring, moving music without vocals, otherwise I start singing and stop writing.

Off to Chemistry! My favorite class… wait, not like the swoony Chemistry? Drat! well, let’s hope we get to make something explode today! What was the most explosively cool thing you’ve been able to do as an author?

I once participated on an author’s panel on writing speculative fiction, a Q&A where audience members asked the panelists questions that we hoped we had an answer for. It was nerve-wracking and fun at the same time. Talking to people who’ve read my books and asked questions about the story was also mind-boggling cool.

Today went well! We didn’t get to make anything explode but maybe next time! What book should we fan-girl over on the bus today?

Sarah Woodbury has an Arthurian legend book series, The Lion of Wales, that is fabulous. I’m sad that it’s finished.

Thank you so much for letting me interview you! 

I appreciate your time! Thanks for having me!



I had so much fun creating this interview and sending it to these lovely authors! Thank you again Jolea M. Harrison for this lovely interview with you today! I loved your replies!


Comment below your favorite Question/Answer and make sure to keep up with the rest of the authors coming up! ❤




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