Hello Luvs!

Welcome to our second back to school ‘trip’!

Today I am interviewing the luvely K. M. Robinson

If you don’t know what this event is that I am doing it is basically an interview of a … day at school? yea. Maybe we meet some swoon-worthy guys or maybe we blow stuff up…

You can see the full list of the author’s I am interviewing on my twitter —-> Twitter!




K.M. Robinson  K.M. Robinson is a storyteller who creates new worlds both in her writing and in her fine arts conceptual photography. She is a marketing, branding and social media strategy educator who is recognized at first sight by her very long hair. She is a creative who focuses on photography, videography, couture dress making, and writing to express the stories she needs to tell. She almost always has a camera within reach.


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You walk into the doors and go to your locker, what would your bookish locker look like?

It has a locker chandelier. Probably rose gold (I’m completely obsessed with that color this week!) There’s a mirror on the door, but it’s pretty small. Other than that, it’s just books. I was never much of one for decorating my locker back when I was in high school, but I’m obsessed with the chandeliers now, so I’d definitely have one of those!

We go to homeroom, the class is talking about a book. Which book is it?

The Hunger Games probably…I feel like that would be an obsession.

For me, math is the most frustrating part of the day! What’s the most frustrating part of being an author?

Not wanting to write the last book in the series because that will mean that it’s over. #currentlifeproblems

1+1 = 2… so which characters from your book should we pair together to make a disastrous combination? … as disastrous as I feel about this math class.

Well, my fans are currently shipping Auluria and Shadoe (Goldilocks and her handler) but that is bad bad bad bad bad bad bad. Also, it is badddddddd. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why they would like a villain, but whatever floats their boat, I guess. Dov Baer is so much better anyway! I also think Lowell and Eden would be disastrous-thank goodness she ended up with Berwyn!

Your next class is art! What would you love to see drawn out from your book?

I’d love to see the wedding scene from Jaded. That would be magnificent! There’s also a handful of Dov and Auluira scenes from Golden that would be incredible (and swoony!) *giggles*

The bell rings and you grab your art supplies to take to your locker, on the way… you see your crush! Do you go talk to him or run in a different direction? Have you ever run into any swoony guys on purpose… literally or metaphorically? 😉

I wait for him to come to me…unless there is a reason to talk to him 😉 I don’t believe I’ve ever gone out of my way to run into a guy. Once when I was in college, though, I was walking up a flight of steps and the jerk behind me pushed me up the steps into a guy I worked with and he cracked a joke about falling for him. I found it to be pretty funny (once I regained my footing enough to not fall back down the stairs!)

We get to lunch and I forgot mine…again. What did you bring… and can you share? I’m starving!

I’ve got a super yummy salad with chicken and berries and almonds. I knew you’d forget, so I brought an extra plastic fork…you can use the lid and take half! Also, I just made cookies for one of my Book Snack Sat recipe videos, so you can totally try one of those too! I got you covered, boo!

Now it’s time for gym, do you want to ditch and go to the library or stay and play? What’s your favorite sport?

I’ve never ditched a class a day in my life, but when you say library…haha I’ve always been a fan of equestrian stuff, but horses tend not to be an option in school. I’d say swimming, but my school didn’t have that option. I was magnificent at volleyball. I even won an award when I was younger-my little 5th grade self beat out the entire 6th, 7th, and 8th grades for the title. So let’s run with that-horses, swimming, volleyball for the win!

Some of you may be taking notes in history, but I’m staring at the cute guy in the corner, wishing we had our own history I could be thinking about. Do you study the era you write about like I’m studying this guy, or do you wing it like I’m considering within my next conversation with this guy… I mean…did I say that for everyone to hear? Answer the question: how much research do you do for your novel?

I write mainly sci-fi so I thankfully get to make a lot of it up. I do research technology, but as of right this second, I haven’t had to research time periods. Secret: that is changing very, very soon…but I won’t tell you why or how.

Thanks for being a distraction in history, now lets get to music! We are late so we end up playing (what instrument)? Do you have a favorite song or genre of music you listen to when writing?

I played the flute, piano, and guitar growing up, so here’s hoping we end up playing one of those. Fun fact: I always wanted to learn the clarinet and the drums too but never had the chance. I’m big fan of jazz. Back when I took art lessons, the teacher always played classical music, so I enjoy that too. When I write, I can’t listen to music with words because I end up singing along and typing the lyrics, so on the occasion that I do listen to music, it’s usually Lindsey Sterling’s songs. Just for hanging out though, give me some Taylor Swift, baby!

Off to Chemistry! My favorite class… wait, not like the swoony Chemistry? Drat! well, let’s hope we get to make something explode today! What was the most explosively cool thing you’ve been able to do as an author?

I think my coolest moment was unboxing the very first printed set of my very first book live on air for everyone to see. I’ve also had some cool speaking engagements and events that I’ve participated in, but I think he best feeling in the world as an author is unboxing books for the first time!

Today went well! We didn’t get to make anything explode but maybe next time! What book should we fan-girl over on the bus today?

My friend, Carrie DiRiso, has her new Broody book coming out soon-let’s chat about that! I’m obsessed with the @BroodingYAHero feed on twitter and I couldn’t be more excited for the release of her debut novel all about Brody. The book is called Brewing YA Hero: Becoming A Main Character Almost As Awesome As Me. Plus, who doesn’t love gushing over Broody?!?!?!


XD I love how she knew I’d forget XD I would totally forget … but sometimes on purpose, if I knew she’d bring something really good 😉 LOL

Thank you, K.M. Robinson, for this awesome interview! I loved your answers!

and now I am hungry so I’m gonna go get some food . . .

Which was your favorite question/reply, Luv?







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