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This is the 7th Back To School Interview! We have four more to go! ❤

I am super excited for next months interviews, it will be HALLOWEEN, my favorite time of the year.


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Today I am interviewing Kasi Blake! I will add beforehand that I love the replies!


About Kasi Blake

PictureWhen I was in the third grade, I found out a good story could get me out of trouble. Okay, some people call it lying, but I didn’t see anything wrong with using the skill to avoid being grounded. Over the years, that didn’t change. My stories just grew more elaborate. When I was 12, I began to write them down, starting with a six-page tale about a boy from the wrong side of the tracks and the good girl that secretly wanted him. I went on to write for Harlequin for a few years. Then, I published a vampire series on my own, and now I’m publishing with Clean Teen. They are about to release my exciting series on witches using their powers to play dangerous games at school.


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You walk into the doors and go to your locker, what would your bookish locker look like?

I would have Snoopy cartoons where he is writing taped to the locker door. Of course there would be copies of Twilight, City of Bones, and Vampires Rule inside in case I found time to read on break or at lunch. I would have a couple notebooks for working on my own books. Pictures of book boyfriends would be a plus.

We go to homeroom, the class is talking about a book. Which book is it?

The Demon’s Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan. It has a male lead, and a huge twist at the end.

For me, math is the most frustrating part of the day! What’s the most frustrating part of being an author?

The actual writing is great. Being an author means you can spend more than just a few hours in this other world. Plus you can make it go on and on by making a series. The worst thing for me is when you write The End on a long series and know your time with those characters is over. Characters can become like family to you.

1+1 = 2… so which characters from your book should we pair together to make a disastrous combination? … as disastrous as I feel about this math class.

Lily from my book Witch Hunt and Cowboy (a vampire) from Vampires Rule because she is so annoying I think he would kill her in minutes, maybe even seconds. I can’t see him putting up with her cheerful gossiping and nosy intrusions.

Your next class is art! What would you love to see drawn out from your book?

The wicked school from my Order of the Spirit Realm Series beginning with the book Bait. It is a huge building in New Zealand, black and tall with moving floors on top. Looks sort of like a giant child tried to build a block tower.

The bell rings and you grab your art supplies to take to your locker, on the way… you see your crush! Do you go talk to him or run in a different direction? Have you ever run into any swoony guys on purpose… literally or metaphorically? 😉

I would walk by probably a few times to see if I could catch his eye. Yes, I have run from a guy, usually an ex.

We get to lunch and I forgot mine…again. What did you bring… and can you share? I’m starving!

I bought leftover pizza, and I have pudding cups. Pudding cups can make any day better.

Now it’s time for gym, do you want to ditch and go to the library or stay and play? What’s your favorite sport?

Library. Badminton is one of my favorite sports, but I also enjoy soccer. On days when I just want to be left alone, running around the track is good. That way I can be alone in my mind and still get some exercise.

Some of you may be taking notes in history, but I’m staring at the cute guy in the corner, wishing we had our own history I could be thinking about. Do you study the era you write about like I’m studying this guy, or do you wing it like I’m considering within my next conversation with this guy… I mean…did I say that for everyone to hear? Answer the question: how much research do you do for your novel?

My novels take place in contemporary times, but I do have some character flashbacks. Since I’m dealing with vampires a lot, sometimes I have to go back thousands of years. I research a lot during a novel. Once in a while I can get a friend to help. Some people like research. I love to learn about places and love to hear interesting facts, but I don’t enjoy the research. Finding info can be hard, and I’d rather spend my time writing.

Thanks for being a distraction in history, now lets get to music! We are late so we end up playing (what instrument)? Do you have a favorite song or genre of music you listen to when writing?

The music I listen to changes with the book I am writing. When I’m having problems with a scene, I listen to music for inspiration. Some of my favorites include Avril Lavigne, Coldplay, Guns n Roses, etc. While working on my latest, a fairy tale unraveling, I listened to Roses and Violets and that new Peter Pan song.

Off to Chemistry! My favorite class… wait, not like the swoony Chemistry? Drat! well, let’s hope we get to make something explode today! What was the most explosively cool thing you’ve been able to do as an author?

I got to make friends with a mountain lion. Someone I met lives out in the country where he’s allowed to have wild animals, and he had a mountain lion. It had the most amazing green eyes you’ve ever seen, and I was too stupid to be scared. He took it out of the huge habitat he had built for it and introduced me. The lion slowly walked up to me and put it’s mouth around my upper thigh. It didn’t bite me, just let me know that it could. I pet her head and said, “You are such a pretty girl.” He made her get off me. Wish I had pictures of that.

Today went well! We didn’t get to make anything explode but maybe next time! What book should we fan-girl over on the bus today?

My newest release 4-Ever Hunted. Trick dreams of being the world’s greatest hunter, but he was born with dark power that is slowly killing him. A couple new arrivals in town offer a solution. He can become the thing he hates most. He can put away his stake and join them. This book is only available at Amazon.

Thank you so much for letting me interview you!

Thank you




Holy crap, that is amazing I want to pet a mountain lion. I am as well too stupid to be scared when it comes to animals. I would risk dying to pet a lion XD

I would probably start panicking if it put its mouth around me . . . but still suppper cool and super jealous!

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