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This is the second to last interview!

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As you can tell today I am interviewing Alicia Gaile!

Let’s get to know her a bit more


About Alicia Gaile


I wrote my first fairy story when I was eleven years old and have been hooked on writing ever since. I received a Creative Writing degree from Georgia College and State University in 2011 and started writing early versions of Trial by Song while living abroad in Southeast Asia. When I’m not writing I like to draw, paint, and try out new cooking recipes.


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You walk into the doors and go to your locker, what would your bookish locker look like?

Cluttered. My binders would have sheets of story notes sticking out between my homework, not to mention the crumpled up drafts that I can’t throw out in case there’s a line or idea I can use again later. Character sketches would be taped to the inside of the door.

We go to homeroom, the class is talking about a book. Which book is it?

They’re talking about Trial by Song, a YA retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack Sorley gets dragged through a portal into Faerie and escapes with a magic golden harp the fae are determined to get back. And things don’t get any easier when a girl with skin like snow turns up on his family’s doorstep with unexpected ties to the fae.

For me, math is the most frustrating part of the day! What’s the most frustrating part of being an author?

Apart from finding new ways to get my book in front of new readers, the hardest thing is trying not to give too many details away. I love talking about what Jack and Eira have in store for them, but I don’t want to ruin anything before readers get the chance to experience it for themselves.

1+1 = 2… so which characters from your book should we pair together to make a disastrous combination? … as disastrous as I feel about this math class.

The obvious couples are Jack and Eira. From the moment they meet, their lives both take a hard turn toward the uncanny. However, the more volatile pair are Logan and Daisy. He has the faery gift of persuasion. She’s one of the few people in town who can see through him. Their attempt at a relationship ends with Daisy carving her namesake into the side of his Mustang. However, daisy chains are known to provide protection from the fae, and considering what she knows, the Sorley brothers just might need a little extra protection.

Your next class is art! What would you love to see drawn out from your book?

I would love to see Winterthorn transforming from his stag form into his faery one with the Wild Hunt around him.

The bell rings and you grab your art supplies to take to your locker, on the way… you see your crush! Do you go talk to him or run in a different direction? Have you ever run into any swoony guys on purpose… literally or metaphorically? 😉

I make eye contact but don’t say anything unless he speaks up first. I don’t trust myself to be subtle enough to pull off accidentally, on-purpose running into someone swoon-worthy.

We get to lunch and I forgot mine…again. What did you bring… and can you share? I’m starving!

I brought a thermos full of soup and a bag of pretzel sticks. I’m a bit of a germaphobe when it comes to sharing drinks and spoons so I probably won’t share the soup unless we can find you a bowl, but you’re more than welcome to have the pretzels. Oh look, there’s a cookie! We can split it!

Now it’s time for gym, do you want to ditch and go to the library or stay and play? What’s your favorite sport?

I’ll stay and play–as long as we’re not running laps. If I’m in the stands I like watching a softball or baseball game, but if it’s on TV I’d rather read a book than watch sports.

Some of you may be taking notes in history, but I’m staring at the cute guy in the corner, wishing we had our own history I could be thinking about. Do you study the era you write about like I’m studying this guy, or do you wing it like I’m considering within my next conversation with this guy… I mean…did I say that for everyone to hear? Answer the question: how much research do you do for your novel?

I draw on a lot of people and places I know to create the worlds in my novels. Trial by Song incorporates a lot of folklore and fantasy elements which gives me plenty of flexibility, but it’s set present day so I don’t have to do much historical research for setting. I do try and gather as much information about faeries and their ways as I can, the different types of faeries, how their courts are set up, who their leaders are…. I can’t use everything, but I love delving deeper into the lore that is already out there to put my own spin on things.

Thanks for being a distraction in history, now lets get to music! We are late so we end up playing (what instrument)? Do you have a favorite song or genre of music you listen to when writing?

Trumpet (I played for three years in school). I like to listen to instrumental movie soundtracks while I write. John Williams, Danny Elfman, and James Horner have written some gorgeous soundtracks and themes.

Off to Chemistry! My favorite class… wait, not like the swoony Chemistry? Drat! well, let’s hope we get to make something explode today! What was the most explosively cool thing you’ve been able to do as an author?

It’s been amazing to meet so many new people who share a love of fairy tales and fantasy stories! I’ve met some truly wonderful, supportive people through social media, and I’ve really enjoyed swapping stories and advice.

Today went well! We didn’t get to make anything explode but maybe next time! What book should we fan-girl over on the bus today?

If you want more stories like Trial by Song, I highly recommend Thorn Jack by Katherine Harbour, the first of her Night and Nothing novels. It’s a retelling of Tam Lin set in upstate New York. Or the faerie stories of Holly Black. Tithe was one of the first books I read that showcased the dangers of faeries, and it has stuck with me ever since.

Thank you so much for letting me interview you!

Thank you for having me! I had a great time!

I heard retelling I’m totally ready to read Trial by Song XD ❤
I may be addicted to retellings . . .
Luvs! What was your FAVORITE question/answer?





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