Welcome, Luvs!

Today is the start of my Halloween author interviews. And our first author that is being interviewed is the luvely M. C. Frank. Author of the No Ordinary Star series and Lose me (+ more)


To the interview, with a lot of fun spooky questions! ;P


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About M. C. Frank

M.C. Frank

Thank you for stumbling upon my little bookish corner of the internet!
I am M.C. Frank: writer, reader, designer, editor, physicist and teacher. (To mention a few.)
I have been living in a world of stories ever since I can remember (that’s before I knew how to write). I started writing them down when I could no longer stand the characters in my head screaming at me to give them life and while those first scribblings weren’t exactly good (nor were they books, although I insisted on calling them that), they were enough for me to discover my passion in life.
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Are you dressing up as anything this year? If so what? 🙂

I am “dressing up” for a Christmas play this year, but not before 😉

What is the first costume you remember wearing as a kid?

When we were little, my sister and I used to dress up as princesses and walk around the house all day, all year long.

What would your character dress up as?

From my scifi trilogy, No Ordinary Star, Felix would dress up as something silly like a bear, and Astra would dress up as a Christmas tree, wrapping fairy lights all around her.

Do you have a favorite Halloween writing snack/candy?

I don’t eat anything while I write, just drink tons of water, but there are some particular days that only bitter chocolate can do the trick.

If you could make/take/use any potion what would it be and what for?

I would totally make (and then take) a potion that could make me breathe underwater.

What is your favorite horror movie?

Oh no, I don’t watch horror movies brrr

What was your biggest fear as a child or now?

Being alone.

Do you get scared easily?


Do you think you’d be able to survive a zombie apocalypse? If so why?

Not a chance.

If you had magic abilities for one day would you use it for good or evil?

Totally for good! Think of all the free books I could give to everyone on my team! (Of course my madic abilities would have to do something with free books, right? And TONS OF THEM).

Thank you for being here for my spooky interview series ;P

Thank you for having me.

Anything you would like me to add?

Check out the giveaway for five (5) signed copies of my latest novel No Vain Loss! Everyone who preorders it here: amzn.to/2gNO7zi is automatically entered to win. I’d really love to send you a Halloween present (and Christmas is right around the corner!) Good luck 🙂




Christmas has a lot to do with NOS series! I can see why she would be a Christmas tree! XD except maybe a Christmas elf fairy? I can see a lot of fun costumes for that 😛

For instance, a green dress with fairy lights along the rim of the dress and then kind of like a candy cane, it swirls up. LOL

I can see Astra forcing Felix to dress up as Santa Clause or something. I would personally… love to see that. Because she would take him down.


Anyways, luvs! XD hope you enjoyed this interview with M. C. Frank! I had so much fun interviewing her!

looking forward to the other authors?


Tomorrow’s Author is Leslie Hauser ❤


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