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Today I am participating in Rebecca’s blog tour! Below will be some info on the second novel of the series and an interview with the author herself! keep reading for more ;P

I am so excited if you guys don’t remember I had done an interview with Rebecca Howie not long ago.

Character Chats ~ Rebecca Howie

About The Book: A Woman Scorned (book 2 in the Sam Beckett mysteries) 



Title: A Woman Scorned

Author: Rebecca Howie


Returning home days after leaving town wasn’t a decision Sam Beckett made lightly, and the newspaper articles detailing her shooting aren’t making her choice any easier to accept.

When a therapist is found dead in her office, Sam decides to work with CID and Detective Marshall on the case, hoping that the dead woman’s troubles will be enough to help her forget her own. but with Dr Weiss’ perfect image slowly crumbling as the investigation progresses, Sam finds that she isn’t the only person hiding behind a lie, and that uncovering someone else’s could have been what led Dr Weiss to her death.



1- What made you want to write a Woman Scorned?

When I finished The Game Begins, I knew I wanted to write a sequel, and I started making notes for one while redrafting and getting TGB ready for publishing, so at the start, I was writing A Woman Scorned because I liked the characters; by the end, it was just stubbornness because I was halfway through and didn’t want to start from the beginning again when it had already taken me a year to get that far.

2- Do you let your family/friends read your work?

Only when I’m finished, because if anyone sees what I’m working on while I’m working on it and passes comment, it puts me off, and I’ve abandoned quite a few of the earlier drafts of A Woman Scorned because of it.

They don’t need to say anything mean, it’s just having them question something I was proud of that makes me doubt whether it’s any good because eventually that doubt grows roots and I bury that project in my Abandoned WIPs folder on my laptop.

3- What was the most interesting thing when writing a Woman Scorned?

I learned a ton of completely useless stuff while researching things for it, but I think the part I liked the most was when I realized how much I’d actually learned since writing The Game Begins, and how much my approach to writing has changed in the last year.

4- Do you have any writing quirks?

I start writing before I plan the story, and if I’m a few chapters in and don’t have some notes scribbled down or an idea of where the story’s going, I know it’s not going to be something I’ll keep working on.

5- Was there anything that inspired you to write this novel?

It was a book series by a well-known author that inspired me to write my own series; I loved the first book, and it was a promising start, but then I started the sequel and the events of the last one (which involved the main character’s partner being killed) got a single line at the end of a chapter, and I was gutted.

6- Your favorite thing about this novel

Seeing Sam try to cope with everything that happened, and hinting at Marshall having a big secret.

7- Do you like writing/reading mysteries the most?

Absolutely. I’ve tried writing other genres before but I never had as much fun writing them as I did with mysteries- though if I ever need a change of pace, romances are my go-to novels.

8- what would be the best three words to describe ‘A Woman Scorned’?

It isn’t finished.




Thank you so much, Rebecca!

I can’t wait to read the series and get to know Sam. Luvs, if you’ve read this series comment below on what you liked most! ❤



What’s your favorite mystery novel?



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