Hello, Luvs!

You may remember mine a Library Luv’s book tag we started up when we first began blogging. We took a break after we ran out of ideas for the tags, but finally have come back with new themes for the tags. Instead of having a monthly theme for the said month, it’s going to be a tag based off of one book we’ve chosen for the month. I’m really excited to do all the tags and show you all of them.

Now for the tag, @Library_luv made the beautiful design for the tag using the covers of all the AA books, I adore how she combines them and the background.

Book tag:

Vhalla is a library apprentice, if you could have an apprenticeship where or what would it be?

Oy, I honestly don’t know…. An apprenticeship for artists….? Does that work? I don’t care, I’m running with it cause I like the idea XD.

Vhalla battles with many friends by her side, which one of your blogger/booktuber friends would you like to battle alongside?

Really, just post one tweet and we could have the entire book community … yikes, I feel bad for the person who said they shipped the wrong people.

There’s so many amazing people in the book community, it’s so hard to choose one.

Aldrik finds a rose garden to be his quiet spot, what’s your favorite place to read?

I really don’t have a favorite place to be. So I’m going to go with a more “dream spot” rather than my current favorite place. If I could choose any place… I’d want it to be outside or in like a sunroom… bugs. Yuck.

Oooo, sunroom, maybe with plants everywhere and by a lake or something. That sounds so pretty. And it’s mandatory to have animals …

If Baldair invited you to the Gala, what color would you choose for your gown/suit?

Easy black and red. All black, with red designs…blood red designs. Totally–possible–nope totally would attempt to wear a crown and pass as a queen of a faraway land… and fail… I suck at lying.

Affinities are dangerous in the Solaris Empire. There is Watrrunners, FireBearers, EarthBreakers and WindWalkers which would you be?

WindWalker, you can control air … that’s pretty cool because air kills fire if there’s enough, air survives under water, and air is everywhere. Plus you could fly, have someone you don’t like? Fling them off a cliff!

Want a personal space bubble? Push everyone away from you.

Those are pretty mean, but hey! We can fly and do many other cool things I won’t mention for book spoiler reasons 😉

What book would you recommend vhalla if you ran into her at the library?

I have to go to my first book that started my love for reading, Unenchanted by Chanda Hahn and everything else she has written. The iron butterfly series, adore it. Lost girl, PETERRRRRRR.

Baldairs Golden Gaurd consists of six members. If you had your own guard, who would be five book characters including yourself in it?

100% Baldair, I chose him over Aldrik from the beginning. Nobody! Can! Hurt! Him! He’s precious to this world and needs protecting even if he doesn’t look like Tom Hiddleston.

I would choose Baldair, jax, Larel, Vhalla, and Aldrik. Yes I know I forgot Daniel but I NEVER LIKED HIM AS MUCH AD EVERYONE ELSE.

Between Jax, Daniel, and Baldair who would you Kiss, Marry and kill?

Easy. kill Daniel, he’ll be fine. Marry Baldair, protect him from the world and not let anything hurt him, and kiss Jax.

I kinda feel bad, I’m being really mean to Daniel… I’m sorry I just have priorities …

Vhallas favorite dessert is Lemon cake, what kind of dessert would you like to eat while reading a book?

At this very second? Nothing. Any other day, probably everything that has sugar.

But sugar cookies are the best. Hands down.

Keyword: sugar -_-

In the Air Awakens series, what cover do you love most?

Most definitely Crystal Crowned.

I adored everything Merilliza did with the series covers and have become such a huge fan of her amazing work. All the covers in the AA series were beautiful but CC stood out the most. Obviously being the last book in the series it had too. I love the colors and everything about how it looked… and Vhalla and Aldrik on the covers. Agh, perfection.

If you participate in this tag, make sure to tag either Sabrina or me so we can see and share it!



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