I’ve seen multiple blogs use this ‘feature’ part. And I thought it would be best to start it now, rather than decide to do it later!

I ‘got’ the idea from a couple blogs as I was blog hopping!
But I like the idea, so I’m using it! ❤

Guest Posts:

Guest Post (ft. Jade) 

Guest Post (ft. Cody duffy)  

Guest Post (ft. Em) 

Guest Post (ft. Denise)

Guest Post (ft. Sabrina) 

Guest Post (ft. Liv)by Liv

Top Ten Tuesdays:

TTT #1 

TTT #2 

TTT #3 

TTT #4

TTT # 5

TTT #6

TTT #7

TTT #8

TTT #9

Author Interviews:

Kacey Vanderkarr 

Esther Dalseno (drown release) 

Esther Dalseno (GATS release) 


New Year, New Books, Authors Interviews (even hosted by Alexis Johnson):

 ♦ Interview #1 (Ft. Esther Dalseno)
♦  Interview #2 (Ft. Gabriella Lepore)
♦ Interview #3 (Ft. Elise Kova)
♦ Interview #4 (Ft. Kim Savage)
♦ Interview #5 (Ft. Michael Weekly)
Interview #6 (Ft. SJ Bouquet {Blogger})
♦ Interview #7 (Ft. Melissa Wright)
♦ Interview #8 (Ft. Kacey Vanderkarr)
Interview #9 (Ft. Heidi Heilig)
♦ Interview #10 (Ft. Allison Whitmore)
♦ Interview #11 (Ft. Library Luv {Blogger})
♦ Interview #12 (Ft. Linda Bloodworth)
♦Interview #13 (Ft. Jade Klinger {Blogger})

LL&A’s Monthly Book-Tag:

Theme: Alice In Wonderland
Theme: Fairy tale
Theme: Magic and Sorcery
Theme: Halloween
Theme: Thanksgiving
Theme: End Of The Year
Theme: New Year, New books
Theme: Single Or Taken?
Theme: Spring

Theme: April Showers 


TBR Bookish Tag
The Secret Life Of A Book Blogger
Taylor Swift Book Tag
Make me your villain
Panic! at the disco Book Tag
OTP Book Tag

Halsey book tag

Cover reveals:

Earth’s End by Elise Kova Cover Reveal (+more)

Gabriel and The Swallows by Esther Dalseno Cover Reveal

Bottled by Carol Riggs Cover Reveal 

Mythical by Michael Weekly Cover Reveal 

The Alchemists of Loom by Elise Kova (cover reveal) 

Lost Girl by Chanda Hahn Cover Reveal

Gilded Cage by Sherry Ficklin Cover Reveal

All It Takes by Clare Dugmore Cover Reveal

Golden by K.M.Robinson Cover Reveal

♦ The Taming of the Dudebro by Jane Watson Cover Reveal


Tales from the front — Elise Kova

Blog tours:

Elementals: The Prophecy of shadows ~Blog tour~
Linda Bloodworth’s A Raven’s Touch ~Blog tour~
Blackheath release tour review ~hosted by Xpresso book tours~
Gabriel and the Swallows by Esther Dalseno release day!

The Darkest Lie by Pintip Dunn ~Review tour~ 

Roseblood by A.G. Howard Release day Blog tour 

Summer Luvin’ 2016 (July)

Summer Luvin’ #1 (Ft. Broody Mchottiepants) 

Summer Luvin’ #2 (Ft. Michael Weekly) 

Summer Luvin’ #3 (Ft. John Mcdonell) 

Summer Luvin’ #4 (Ft. Robin Reul)

Summer Luvin’ #5 (Ft. Carol Riggs)

Summer Luvin’ #6 (Ft. Gabriella Lepore)

Summer Luvin’ #7 (Ft. Lyssa Chiavari) 

Summer Luvin’ #8 (Ft. Jessica George(J.A.George))

Summer Luvin’ #9 (Ft. Elise Kova) 

Summer Luvin’ #10 (Ft. S. Usher) 

Summer Luvin’ #11 (Ft. Pintip Dunn)

Summer Luvin’ #12 (Ft. Elisa Dane)

Summer Luvin’ #13 (Ft. Melanie Mcfarlane)

Summer Luvin’ #14 (Ft. Christy Sloat) 

Summer Luvin’ #15 (Ft. Laura Clark)

Summer Luvin’ #16 (Ft. Megan Haskell) 

Summer Luvin’ #17 (Ft. Anita Grace Howard (A.G.Howard)

Summer Luvin’ #18 (Ft. Lisa Brown Roberts) 

Summer Luvin’ #19 (Ft. Rachel E. Carter) 


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