Dear Publishers and/or Authors,

I would be extremely honored to be contacted about novel’s you would like me to review!

Whether they are ARC’s or novels that have been out for a few days, or a few years. I do read both E-books and physical copies. Physical copies more often, but I do understand authors can’t send out a bunch of books.

I will say, I am not a professional . . . at all. But I am a girl who genuinely loves reading books.

Below are the genre’s I read and what I don’t

Honestly I read everything YA and I know that I will eventually read some new adult, I have read a few so I DO read them! To be more simple, I will read all genre’s unless it is Non-Fiction . . . XD I read time-travel books . . . but I don’t think that’s considered “non-fiction” . . .

If you need to contact me, you can contact me at,

thanks, Luv.


I will also read self-published novels! ❀


Promo Opportunities:
I will host giveaway’s and Interviews! And I would also LOVE to be apart of promo-blog-tours!

That is all! I hope my Review Policy doesn’t sound dumb in any way shape or form!
Have a nice day.

I should respond to you within a 24 hours.



Alexis K. J.